How Struggling Bloggers Can Boost their Traffic Despite Having No Connections

 Struggling Bloggers Can Boost their Traffic Despite Have No Connections
 Struggling Bloggers Can Boost their Traffic Despite Have No Connections

Are you feeling horrible to start blogging because you feel you have no connections and zero background status?

You  see how established or connected pro bloggers  flaunts their intimidating profiles with huge networks and feel like
“How in this faculty am I ever going to get there and become like them?!”

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It can feel as frustrating as heeeyyy!! when you feel like an outsider or a  simple learner. Or when you feel like nobody on earth knows about you, your blog, and your message. You just keep spiting nonsense!!lol…

Frankly speaking, at some points It feels like you’re writing a cyber notes as a newbie; I mean, who in this world knows about your blog or virgin website? And how  the hell possible will people ever find out about it and drop interesting comments?

Before you get too worked up, take a deep breath.Grab a cup of tea or star beer and Relax. I have a remedy for you. This remedy will help you increase your blog traffic despite having zero connections.

How do you build connections to increase your blog traffic as a new blogger from nowhere without a background?
1 to 1 mapping.
Making friends with fellow minded people, like 1 to 1 helps build strong/electrostatic bonds. Good friends promote you to their networks. This  proportionally increases your blog traffic quite quickly compared to other new bloggers who try to gamble diverse systems to drive traffic to their blogs.While they foolishly try to manipulate Google or social media networks you’re making friends with 1 or 5 or 10 or 20 bloggers daily. Interesting friends, these set of people become, as you comment on their blogs and promote their blog posts via social media.

Good friends do the same for you. 1 seemingly or directly Retweet here. 1 Facebook Share there. An interview. A feature. Appearing on someone’s podcast as a guest. All these sweet friendly benefits increase your traffic margin. However,doing the connection promo is so vital that  I need to mention it again.

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All connections must be built:
1 to 1.
Practically,  1 to many will not work. Which means, not by  engaging in a funny system to gain 50,000 Twitter followers (also known as “numbers on a screen”) so you can tweet your blog out to these 50,000 followers, believing you can get 5,000 or 20,000 blog visits from these 30,000 followers (most likely bought) because you ain’t getting jack squat from numbers on a screen.

Numbers on a screen are inanimate. This is why taking the 1 to many approach of trying to build traffic as a newbie is foolish. And quite futile.

Numbers never respond to your blog, to your calls to action or to anything you do online.
People do.
Friends respond.
Good friends REALLY respond favorably.
And you make good friends one connection at a time. One to one.

Places to Build 1 to 1 Connections
Think for once  as a new blogger. Since you are just starting to build your online presence.

Question and Answer Sites

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Become an active contributor on Question and Answer sites like Quora,Nairalnd. If you love your blogging niche – and you should – you will have ample information to share with your audience, either via your blog or through Q and A sites.

Twitter is one of my personal favorite social networking site for its ease of use.

If you’re a prospective blogger,trying to build powerful 1 to 1 friendships sites on this platform immediately, I advice you to utilize twitter wisely.

Brian Honigman at Smart Blogger does a fine job helping you build 1 to 1 connections offsite via the micro blogging platform here:

Triberr is a newbie blogger’s dream.
This platform gives you the ability to connect with a large collection of successful bloggers by sharing their content and commenting on their blog posts.

I wrote a 13 step tutorial on my blog helping you learn the in’s and out’s of Triberr:

Now let’s dive into a few practical tips to help you establish critical 1 to 1 connections for boosting your blog traffic.

Your Turn
Do you have any tips in mind  for driving traffic to your blog as a new blogger?