How To Blur Images And Texts Using MS Paint

There are some posts you will publish with screenshots having some vital information you need to hide. For instance, you are showing how to use certain online banking system with your account details, you will want to blur certain information like your account number, current balance, and statement.

It can be just any information you don’t your readers to see in the post image. Some people may use brush with bold colors to block such details but it will make the screenshot look very unprofessional. It is better to blur the details you want to hide.

How To Blur Images And Texts Using MS Paint

There are so many photo editing software that can blur images and texts but then if you don’t have one, what will you do? You can use Microsoft Paint on your computer to blur images and texts. This is very possible.

==> Open the photo or screenshot with paint on your computer.

==> Click on Select on the Toolbar.

==> Use the mouse to draw an outline on the selected area you wish to blur.

==> Resize to the selected area, usually to a smaller pixel.

==> Use the mouse to drag the edge outward to cover the original size of the photo or screenshot.
That’s all.

Watch video here on how to blur images and text using paint.