How to Generate Free US, UK & China Address with Shoptomydoor

How to Generate free US, UK & China Address with Shoptomydoor

Shopping online has never been this easy and simple.With numerous online shopping sites abound,most users/customers tend to look for faster ways in their shopping movement. From experience, most  online shopping platforms/sites doesn’t allow Nigerians. Thank God for payoneer master card;Nigerians can now shop and receive money online with ease.

Most shopping portal tend to restrict Nigerians from shopping,majorly due to fraud and other reasons best known to them.What most intelligent Nigerians do is to get a valid US,UK & China address.Once your order gets to this address,it will be forwarded directly to your doorstep. 
Shoptomydoor has been excellent in this business.  allow you to have access to 3 different international address.
How to Generate Free US, UK & China Address with Shoptomydoor
In order to generate a free US,UK &China address,kindly visit and fill in the necessary information needed. once you’re done, kindly proceed to verify your phone number and your home address in Nigeria.

However, once your ordered items get to your international address, you will be required to pay a token fee in order for your items to get to you.