How to Make Money as a Musician in Nigeria

How to Make Money as a Musician in Nigeria

Are you an upcoming musician, an ambitious singer that will like know how to make money with your talent? If you are looking  for a full-guide on how to make money with your chosen career then, you are at the right place.

Music is said to be one of the most delicious food the human soul enjoyed. It is a form of combining different notes, beat and voices in sequential order.
Furthermore, when discussing “Music” in Nigeria, it is the most fashionable and lucrative business that every young lads will ever want to engage him/herself in.

The music industry is full of competitions for young startups. New artist find it difficult  to conquer or breakthrough.
Here, we shall discuss how you can make money as a musician in Nigeria. 

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1• Discover Your Talent & Passion Before Jumping Into Music:

Most people heard that Wizkid, Davido and other young artists are making money amazingly and thought of jumping into studio, cook up something appetizing and start making money within couple of months. 

If you are in this category, honestly you’re not going to make any dime.The legit truth is that it does take time. Discover your ‘talent’ is the step you must pass through before making money as a musician.
After getting convinced,  realizing that Music is your talent, then ask yourself the category/class of music you are good at, either “RnB”, “Raps”, “Afro pop” or “Dance hall” .
The basic truth here is that you can’t do everything together. So think well before taking action.

2• Be Unique and Let Your Music Be of Good Quality:

Practically, discovery of talent is the first and basic step, the next thing is to be unique and avoid “copy-singing” especially other artists music/ works.
Be original, let your talent, hustle and hardwork speak for you.Compose on your own, write good lyrics and go for good Producer to make good beatz for you.

3• Have a Slogan, Style and Make a Hit Single

This aspect looks funny, but interesting. On hearing the sound of  ” WAYASAY!NO SHAKING! NOTHING DEY HAPPEN”, you should know the artist in context “Badoo” or “Starboy” etc will tell you the artist singing even without mentioning his/her name. You also can create a great Slogan, Symbol and style for yourself. 

On the issue of making a “Hit Single”, it is a must! If you want other people to know more about you and your music. For instance, Olamide debuted “Eni Duro” which turned him up to a great artist because a lot of people in Nigeria hearing that music did nothing than to fall for the “Five Star General” and after that, he started developing his fans. Currently he has more than fans.

4• Be Official, Promote Yourself, Your Label and Your Music

This is very important.  Promoting yourself,  your music and record label will not only make you famous but drives loads of money making opportunities to you.
You can give your music to Music/Entertainment website to promote it for you. Bloggers are always ready to promote you and your music as long as you pay /appreciate their effort.
Another means of promoting your music is to  engage in  street shows, play live and culturally tell people about your career.
Meet a good DJ to help you, Radio Stations will also be of great help. Also, extent your promotion to hotel, club house and stream live.

Be official is not just a word for big firm or company. An individual who is earnest with his/her work can be official. How can you be official as an upcoming artiste?
The answer is simple: Get a good and talented manager, get a good and well design website alongside with custom email address, always wear good clothes, move with people who will motivate you and make good use of having fans and followers on social media’s platforms.

5• Market Your Songs, Sell Your Music On the Internet And Collaborate with Big Artistes

After wide promotion, you need to start making it more bigger than before. Start selling your song CDs to people. Here, you would need to have a good producer and marketers who will do the rough job for you.
Apart from selling CDs, you can also sell your music online… Vine, soundcloud, sportify, iTunes, Amazon and lots of companies are ready to buy your songs on the internet.
Collaboration with other artists will be of greater advantages to you.

That is all for now on “How to Make Money as a Musician in Nigeria

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Author: Oluwatomisin Gbolagade