How to start HAT MAKING Business in Nigeria and Make Good Money

How to start HAT MAKING Business in Nigeria and Make Good Money

Hat making business is extremely lucrative just like Poultry Farming Business .In Nigeria so much money can be earned or generated from Hat making business.The Nigerian millinery industry (Hats, Caps) has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Today, we have a large number of milliners who produce world class hats.

We can  boldly say that Nigerian milliners arrived’. Unlike in the past, hat lovers in Nigeria now prefer Nigerian made hats instead of imported ones. It is worthy of note that Nigeria made hats are now being exported to European and American markets.Hat making is a lucrative business; the starting cost is small and it is easy to manage. With N50.000 you can go into hat making. The market is there; all you have to do is be very creative and there will be no limit to your success.

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How to start HAT MAKING Business in Nigeria and Make Good Money

Materials needed for hat making

  • Sinamays (Brim and Crows)

  •  Stiffener

  •  Ribbon

  • Wire

  • Fish Net

  • Wedding Accessories 

  • Beaded Fabrics (Crinoline)

  • Paint Spray

  • Feathers

  • Dye

  • Molds 

  • Uhu Gum

  • Hat Wire


(1) Rose

(2) Leaf

(3) Rose Leaf

(4) Triangular

(5) Trumpet

(6) Standard Pattern

(7) Doughnut

(8) Fan

(9) Belt

(10) Feather, etc.


1. Boil water, add dye to it and mix with salt

2. Fold your molds with nylon for easy removal

3. Mold the brim and crown separately

4. Rub the stiffener on the molded hat to dry

5. Remove hat from mold when dry

6. Sew the hat wire and crinoline round the brim

7. Sew the ribbon round the brim

8. Join the brim to the crown and design the hat, then spray to shine

Preparing the NET HAT:

1. Dye net material to desired color

2. mold brim and crown together

3. apply stiffener and allow to dry

4. sew brim with hat wire and ribbon

5. design as desired and spray

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