NGAdverts Referral Service Lets You Earn When You Refer Advertisers And Publishers

There is no better time than now for NG Adverts to launch its referral service which allows bloggers and webmasters to earn when they refer publishers and advertisers. At a time when many Nigerian owned ad networks are scamming their publishers, NG Adverts have proven to be foremost and reliable Nigeria ad network for monetizing a website or blog content as an alternative to Google Adsense and other top ad networks.

How To Start Earning From NG Adverts Referral Program

Earning from Ng Adverts referral service is as easy as ABC. Yes, also easy as 123. Just log in to your NG Adverts account. On your dashboard, click on the Referral tab. There will you see different options of referral codes which are Referral URL, Referral Link, 728 x 90 banner and 300 x 250 banner.  Choose any of them and copy the codes to place on any site you own.

NG Adverts referral Program

For the referral URL, you can use social media for promotion. Just share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. For the referral Link, you can promote it through blogs and forums that their comment box is HTML enabled. The 728 x 90 banner and 300 x 250 banner can be promoted by adding the codes to your blog or websites. These are just a few suggestions, you may have better ways.

NG Adverts referral Program

So, bloggers and webmasters, if you are currently using NG adverts to monetize your site or advertising on their platform, the referral service is one opportunity you should take advantage of.

NG Adverts referral commission is 15% for Advertisers and 5% for Publishers. This implies that when you refer an advertiser, you get 5% of the amount the advertiser spends on advertising on NG Adverts platform. When you refer a publisher you get 5% of the publisher’s first earning when he reaches the payment threshold.

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