Protecting Your Account Details When You Sell On is one of Nigeria most popular classified website where you can easily sell your product and services to interested buyers. There are thousands of sellers on spread across Nigeria. It is of the belief that buyers are more likely to fall for fraud on as some sellers are scammers. But is that really so?

Anyone can be a victim of fraud whether a seller or a buyer. Nevertheless, Jiji has advanced security system in place that reduces the incident of fraud on their website. As a seller, you could be a victim to fraudsters. Hence, it is of vital importance that you are aware on how scammers try to defraud sellers on Jiji.

Remember that when you registered on the Jiji website, you provided certain details such as phone number and email address. Although jiji doesn’t reveal your email and other personal information, your phone will available to the public so they can contact you if they want to buy your product or service.

Protecting Your Account Details When You Sell On

Scammers will go to your profile and if it is seen that you seem to be a big seller, they will call you pretending to be a staff of The caller will pretend to be doing regular routine check on those sellers on Jiji to make sure everything is going well. Some scammers will tell you that they will like to start promoting your product on Jiji social media platform and that first, they must verify your details.

They will ask you for your full names, email address and any other phone number you use on Jiji. The fraudster will tell you to call the other phone number and so he send a code and you call the code for verification. He will tell you that he has sent the code but you will not receive any code. He will repeatedly tell you he has sent the code more again. Then, after that, he concludes that since your number can’t be verified, jiji won’t promote your product on their different social media platforms. Some scammers will threaten that jiji will deactivate your account since your number cannot be verified and then cut the call.

At this point, it is the mind game. The scammer wants you to call back and ask for a solution. It is there he will get more info from you to get access to your login details. Why do they need your login details? They are aware that most sellers use their debit cards to make payment for premium service on Jiji. Once they gain access to your account, they can use it to buy anything online they wish.

Please note that Jiji does call once in a while to know if you are enjoying their service. This is how to identify a true Jiji staff. He will never ask for your email address or login details. And lastly, if you attempt to call back the number and it rang just know it not a Jiji staff because nobody can call any number from Jiji except the one posted on their website which is 23414408363.