5 Features To Look For When Buying An Umbrella

5 Features To Look For When Buying An Umbrella
Umbrellas are very important especially during the rainy days or when the cloud seems cloudy.Most of us go to the market to get an umbrella only when the sky is overcast or when the umbrellas we already have break down in a downpour. If you have been looking to buy one, I humbly suggest that you follow these tips. Practically, we have put a lot of umbrellas to test for size, weight, durability, and water repellency, just to name a few. Given below are a few features that your umbrella must have.

1.Length of the  umbrella model
Most importantly, you should keep in mind that a big, domed canopy is a must-have for the right level of protection. As a matter of fact, when we put the given size range umbrellas to test, we found out that they offered the right level of compactness and coverage. If you have been looking for a small unit, we suggest that you don’t spend more than 3500/$30. Just make sure you buy a high quality unit.

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2. A vented canopy
In wind and rain, we suggest that you go for a two-layer or vented fabric canopy. The reason is that it will help keep your unit from flipping inside out. What benefit will you have? In the heavy downpour, you will stay dry and then wind will pass through it rather than invert it.

So, what we want to say is that you should go for a vented canopy, so that you should be on the safe side. Going for some other option may not be a good idea if you want to get these benefits.

3. The handle
When using an umbrella, chances are that you will be carrying bags and similar stuff as well. Therefore, make sure that the unit will be easier to handle whether you hold it in your right or left hand. Actually, you should check out different units and go for one that offers a cushioned and slim grip. This is to make sure that you will have the highest level of comfort.

We suggest that you don’t go for a unit with a handle that is bulky or heavy. You don’t want to have a unit that you can’t carry around in rain.

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4. Sections
If you are looking at a frame that can be folded into several pieces, you should look for something else. Actually, this type of frame is not very strong and it may not work as well as a frame that has one or two bends and breaks. Actually, your fingers may be more likely to get pinched if the frame has a lot of sections.

5. The price tag
More so, keep in mind that price is not a good representative of quality. Actually, most umbrellas with a price tag of  3000/$30 or 7000/$40 are quality umbrellas. As a matter of fact, these units offer good durability, coverage and features.

So, if you have been looking for a good umbrella, we suggest that you consider units that have the features described in this article. This way you will be more likely to buy the best unit.