Are you an Entrepreneur? Master the Business Skills you Need & More at the U-40 CEO’s Forum – August 11th

Are you an Entrepreneur? Learn the Business Skills you Need & More at the Under 40 CEO’s Forum | Friday, August 11th

Just as the young lions genuine growl revealed his inherent strength, you can release the inherent leadership  and  entrepreneurial  might within you when you come to understand your true self and identity. With business entrepreneurs and CEO’s playing a key role in this era of globalisation that demands mobility, innovation and ingenious skills to develop the world’s economies, especially in Africa, Under 40 CEOs have created the perfect platform to share best practice in business, stories and appraise the progress of Global Influencers.

As a projective result with regards series of successful TV series on TVC News and Silverbird TV, and the sold-out forum held at Renaissance Hotel in Lagos on February 2017, Under 40 CEOs is taking things up a notch, and are proud to announce its first ever UK forum, which will be the largest gathering of young African business leaders in Europe, with the explosive theme ‘How We Made It In Africa’.

With the highly rated and tentative event proposed to hold at the Ball Room, Millennium Hotels in Mayfair, London, speakers announced for the forum include Bola Ray, the CEO of the largest media network in Ghana, EIB Networks, investor and entrepreneur Ran Neu Ner, co-CEO of The Creative Counsel, the largest advertising agency in South Africa, and Ola Brown, the CEO of Flying Doctors, the first ever air ambulance network in West Africa.

Together with the excellent CEOs Ola Brown, Ran Neu Ner and Bola Ray who have been gathered to speak at the Under 40 CEOs UK Forum, 50 participants of the forum will also be getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch their businesses for funding to investor and entrepreneur Ran Neu Ner.

More so, this assembly of young African business and exciting leaders isrumored to be the first of it kind.The brains behind the Under 40 CEOs Forum is Familusi Akin Babajide aka Mr FAB CEO of The FAB Group

Speaking about the Under 40 CEOs UK Forum, Familusi Akin Babajide (FAB) says:

 “The event promises to answer all the questions pertaining to running a business to profitability in Africa. I am also excited about the 50 businesses that will potentially have the opportunity to pitch for and access funding to grow their business”.

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