How Social Media Can Be Used For Customer Service

In the modern age, most businesses are aware of the importance of using social media as a marketing tool for their business. It is a fantastic tool to create content and share updates about the company – but there is also another great aspect of social media that few have tapped into; customer service.

Customer service is a key element for a number of businesses, and social media is a great medium for business owners to help and interact with their customers. To try and achieve similar success, follow the tips below when using social media as customer service tool.

How Social Media Can Be Used For Customer Service

Build a Relationship

A lot of business simply use social media as a way to promote their business, and they don’t respond when customers reply or comment on their posts. This means they are missing out on the two-way communication social media offers businesses and customers and it means there are lots of potential sale opportunities which are being missed out on. Therefore, if a customer does reply then the business should try and engage them in a conversation. This can build brand loyalty and generally improve the image of the business.

Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag which is solely for customer service queries for the business is a great way to help customers on social media. This helps to organise the requests coming through and makes sure that none of the queries get lost in the haze of the timeline. To ensure that customers use the hashtag, it can be a good idea to put the hashtag in your businesses bio and instructs customers to use the hashtag if they want to get through to the customer service team.

Aim to Create a Customer Advocate Base Online

One problem which occurs on social media is a customer going to the company page and leaving a negative review. To overcome this, it can be a great idea to try and build a loyal base of followers to your businesses page. This can be done by having giveaways on your social platforms, which give customers a prize if they share or comment on a post. By building this type of loyalty, you will get these customers advocating on behalf of the business should someone leave a bad post about the business.

Link Reviews Together

A businesses Facebook page gives the customers the option to leave a review and rate the business. The business can then link this with other platforms where people can relate the business. By linking them together, it can help the business improve the online presence of the business. If the reviews are generally good, then this can help to bring in referral traffic to the website and could be one of the best ways to bring in inquiries or get more sales.

Social media is truly helpful to business in attending to customers’ complaint, suggestions or inquiries. If your business does not have a customer service on social media, now is the time to create a channel and start reaching out to your customers.

This post was written by Ryan Duffy for Mazinoweb. Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. Writing on behalf of a provider of  UK customer service phone numbers, he enjoys writing about issues related to business and lifestyle topics. You can connect with him on Twitter.