How to Activate Search Engine Index within Minutes

How to Activate Search Engine Index within Minutes

When it comes to blogging; efficiency, consistency and creating awareness is a significant tool for success.To receive high ranking from top search engines especially Google, bing and the rest, you need to constantly inform this search engine of your latest post/articles.There are numerous SEO techniques for bloggers, although the basic still remains on page optimization. Experience entrepreneurs and most bloggers consider  building backlinks as a necessary condition for successful ranking, but I doubt it all depends on link building.If your articles lack quality, on-page optimization and smartness, building hundred to thousands of links will definately not help your site. Proportionally, this will also decrease your blog/website ranking.However, there are ways you will eventually dive into to increase your website traffic on a low budget.

Below are my top 3  tools for achieving high ranking and activating instant Google index.

1. PingomaticPingomatic is one of those popular tools which I have been using for over two years now to Activate/inform Search Engine within Minutes about my latest post. Ping-O-Matic provide free and easy service to update different search engines that your blog has been updated.

How to Activate Search Engine Index within Minutes

2.Pingler-When it comes to professional service, pingler does it with high efficacy.They also offer premium services where you can store your blog url in their database.With pingler, you can easily inform major search engine of your latest post. With this steps, getting them index will be within minutes or hours.

How to Activate Search Engine Index within Minutes

3.Google ping— Although I haven’t used Google ping before, but Google Ping is one of the highest ranking and easy to use pinging websites out there for your site.

4.Ping Farm– I have used this tool before, believe me they are the best when it comes to pinging. Pingfarm is a free ping service which instantly  notifies Search Engines that your blog or website has been updated. It’s pretty straightforward and isn’t too complicated.

5.Feed SharkFeed Shark easily promotes your blog or website by sending a ping to its partner sites. Feed Shark pings a variety of web services to notify all search engines that your blog, website, RSS feed, & podcast has been recently updated.

6.Pingoat –Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them.Pingoat also has an XML-RPC server. Ping services like Technorati, newsgator,feedster.

7.Bulk Ping — Bulk Ping is Unique Auto Mass Ping Service to promote your Websites and Blogs. A great website and blog ping tool.

8. Pingates – Ping your blog or website to 40+ search engines and services that keep track of blogs/sites and publish them. — notify all the major blog directories in one go so that everyone knows about your latest blogs. This is a great way to improve the popularity of your blog and make sure that search engines crawl and index your site properly. Ping.IN is a blog ping service that pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. Thus enabling them to index your blog fast and make your content available for a larger audience.
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