How to Make $100 AdSense Profit Per Day From Entertainment News Blog



How to Make $100 AdSense Profit Per Day From  Entertainment News Blog



Will you like to make $100 AdSense profit per day from  entertainment news blog? if yes is your answer, right on bro……

How to Make $100 AdSense Profit Per Day From Entertainment News Blog/Site
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Materials Needed:
(1) An AdSense Account: You need a fully functional adsense account.(2) A New entertainment blog: You need a new entertainment blog on  either blogspot platform or WordPress self host. I recommenced you use a very cheap but fast web hosting  with FREE Domain name and more…To get cheap domain and hosting for as low as 0.009$ click here Buy now and stop wasting time

(3) Free or premium WordPress Theme: You need a premium magazine theme on your new entertainment blog that is if you have money but if you dont, you know what to do.You can go for free theme. There are many of them with affordable price.

(4) Customize and design your blog and make sure you have your “about me page” “contact” “privacy policy” as well as search bar on your blog. These are all the requirements needed by Google AdSense program.

(5) Functional Visa/Master debit card to run advertisement on Facebook,twitter and YouTube

(6) Valid domiciliary account or savings/current account to enable you receive payments

That’s all you need for now as much as I know

So here is what you will do to get this accomplished:
(1) Visit top entertainment new websites and blogs. Also visit top social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Intagram etc and find news, pictures or videos that are very funny

(2) Publish them on your blog with a hacking headlines that will encourage clicks.

(3) Create a Facebook Page for your entertainment blog

(4) Now publish your post feed with the post pictures on Facebook boost the post (advertise on Facebook).

The next thing is for you to Boost up to 5  post at $5 each in a day. Before now, you might  have inserted your AdSense code on strategic positions on your entertainment blog so that people will like to click it (but don’t encourage clicks).

In your Facebook Ads manager, choose US as your target audience. This is because their cost per click is higher than any other target and their enthusiasm and likeness for entertainment is high

More so, choose “entertainment”as their interest and boost the post. As a result, anybody who likes entertainment gist will likely see the advertisement.

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Watch out, any ads campaign that is rendering at $0.005 and  below is a good ads. All you need to do at this point is to duplicate this ads campaigning for other ads.

Caution: Disable any campaign that is rendering at a high cost per engagement.

Boost like 6-7 post with a budget of $50-$60 per day for maximum reach.

If you are very smart at targeting, you will end up spending like $50 per day while you will have a huge traffic than can generate over $200 from AdSense.

When you subtract this amount you use for Facebook Ads from the amount you make from Google AdSense, You will realize that you have made over $150 per day.

Technically this is how smart guys make money from AdSense with entertainment blogs. So, you can try it. Sure it will work.