You Can Now Get Free Medical Consultation From A Doctor Across Nigeria On DoctorsHub Nigeria

You Can Now Get Free Medical Consultation From A Doctor Across Nigeria On DoctorsHub Nigeria

DoctorsHub Nigeria was launched  precisely on the 20th of November, 2016 by Dr Damian Avar who saw a need to hook up people in need of a doctor’s’ view about their medical symptoms or conditions.
He brought in Everest Nwagwu; a communications expert and Ayopo Onafowokan to handle functions and logos respectively. The trio are all graduate of the Lagos University Teaching Medical center (LUTH).

Consultations on DoctorsHub Nigeria can be done at any hour of the day and, in an attempt to reach a wider audience,  in any preferred major Nigerian  language — be it English language, Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa. According to the founder, having these features all free of charge particularly provides them an advantage over their counterparts.

Also, Medical professional Avar assures that the dealings of clients with doctors on system are firmly confidential. Aside from providing medical consultations, there is also a blog on the platform, on what health articles that address unusual medical conditions are frequently published. To further help a powerful reach, Dr Avar assures that content on the blog is clear of medical jargon so that readers can certainly understanding them and embrace their relevance.

In less than 6 months of  their inception, over 2000 individuals with diverse health complaints since beginning have been successful  without any  form of advertisement.

Many Nigerians can relate to the ordeals faced when trying to secure a medical scheduled appointment with your doctor in Nigeria — a scenario mainly ubiquitous in government hospital wards. Asides the strain over attempts to see a doctor, the hurdles confronted while queuing up for medical attention can be daunting.

DoctorsHub Nigeria seems to have indeed put itself as a passage for this daunting gap — the enjoyment of circumventing queues, along with the simplicity of consulting a doctor any kind of time preferred time in any preferred language. DoctorsHub Nigeria also educate and go to to cases such as depression, autism and Meningitis.

Don’t simply take our words for it, try the service for yourself. Employ a doctor on the website.