Top Android Apps every Blogger should have!

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There are lots of tools and apps that can be used by bloggers either on PC or Phones. Some of these apps are specially designed for bloggers while some are designed for general use but can still be very useful to a blogger. Here are 6 Key Reasons For Upgrading Your Mobile Apps.

Today, the number of Android users are more than the number of PC users, and there are lots of things you could do with your Android phone even as a Blogger. I can recall vividly that I  couldn’t afford a PC when I first started blogging, and this encourage and catalyzed my efforts to make  good use of my Android phone and you too can do the same.

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However, to get a better experience from blogging, it is recommended that you use a PC but if you don’t have a PC, don’t you worry, you can still do well in the blogosphere with an android phone. There are Android apps that a blogger can take advantage of and these apps are useful for making research, editing/writing blog posts, sharing your posts and managing your blog traffic or earnings.
In this article, I’ll take a review on these apps by categories and their uses. Let’s go…

Research Apps

These are apps that can be used for making research or sourcing for ideas on blog topics. To write a post, research is going to help you a lot as you’ll be able to get ideas from different sources and create a unique post by adding your own idea to the ideas you got from researching. Some examples of Android apps for researching are reviewed below:


Quora is a platform for asking questions and getting answers and there’s an android app for it. Quora is meant for everyone but a blogger can make good use of it. How?

Now let’s answer a few questions – Why do you write posts? To provide answers to people’s questions. How does that relate to Quora? People go there to ask questions and hope to get answers. Now how can a blogger make use of it? It’s simple, a blogger can make judicious use of Quora by subscribing to the topics related to your niche and taking note of the popular or common questions users are asking then you can create a post on your blog that provides answer to those questions.


Xda is a tech forum mainly for Android users and developers so not everyone will need this app but for those that need it, here’s what you can do with it: Create an account with Xda and subscribe to different forum topics related to your niche, you’ll be able to source for post ideas. Xda app for Android is available on the play store for download and it’s free.

The good thing about forums is that it’s a good way of getting backlinks to your website since every forum members are allowed to make contributions and post new topics but be sure to abide by the rules of the forum or else you may be banned or kicked out.

Editing Apps

These are apps that can be used for writing a blog post. For blogger, there is an official blogger app by google and for WordPress, there’s also an app for that.
You can only enjoy using the blogger post editor on a web browser when you’re using a PC, but on mobile phones, you’ll have to pinch and zoom which is not always convenient. With blogger app, you can conveniently write a blog post since it is specially designed for mobile.

Social Media Apps

Never underestimate the power of social media, you can make it big from your blog if you make good use of social media. As a blogger, you should have social media accounts and apps for sharing your posts. Apps like facebook, twitter, google +, pinterest, etc are great for sending your blog posts and reaching a wider audience.

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Management Apps

Monitoring your site’s traffic and earnings (if you monetize your site with AdSense) can be easily done with your Android smartphone. Instead of stressing yourself trying to access these data on a browser (which are sometimes not mobile friendly), android developers took it upon themselves to build an app for it. These apps include:


Adsense is an android app by google for bloggers and website owners who use AdSense for monetization. This app allows you to monitor your ad performance and earnings as well as doing other configurations/adjustments.

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Analytics is also from google and is used for monitoring your site’s traffic. With this app you can see and use all features as on a PC, you can see the number of users, bounce rate, organic traffic, etc and can be configured for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report as the case may be.

All these and more are Android apps that are useful to bloggers and if you’re a blogger without a PC and you’re starting small, go ahead and download these apps and get your blogging passion going.

These apps are all available on google play store and are completely free.