How to Use Semi-colon in Your Article Writing -Blogging Professional

How to Use Semi-colon in Your Article Writing -Blogging Professional

The semi-colon seems to be the most infrequently employed punctuation mark by ‘apprentice’ writers or newbie writers. In blogging, although traffic is very important but if your punctuation seems abnormal, believe it or not you will loose some percentage of traffic as a struggling blogger. Experimentally, a close look at the device reveals many of its functions:

1. This is used between members of a compound or multiple sentence where no co-ordinate conjunction is used. Examples can be seen in the sentences highlighted below:
=>He did not wait after the meeting;he just disappeared.
=>We new we will loose the match;we simply had to play.
=> Your blog design looks unprofessional;although it’s somewhat good for newbies.

2. Semi-colon is used before a co-ordinate conjunction where one or more commas occur elsewhere i n compound or multiple sentences. Example: Industrialization certainly, will be welcome; but government should provide electricity which , we think and believe, is  pre-requisite for industrialization.

3. Semi-colon is also used to separate broad items in a series where commas have already been used to separate the specific topics or items on the list. Example: 
=>The following have been elected into the executive of the club for 1992/93 tenure;
Mr. Donald James Etim, President; Miss Roselin  Ejiofor, Vice President; Tonto ikiola, CEO.

4. It is also used to connect two clauses in a compound sentence if the second sentence is introduced by a sentence qualifying adverb, Examples:
=> We missed our way, and ran into some problems; consequently, we could not deliver the message.
=>He worked very hard; And as a result, he has made  good result.

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