How To Add Adsense In-feed Ad To Old Blogger Themes

How To Add Adsense In-feed Ad To Old Blogger Themes

In-feed is native ads by Google Adsense that is meant to display alongside your content. For blogger using Google Blogspot, implementing in-feed ads is still a challenge. But with a little editing of the HTML code in the blogger theme, you can allow the in-feed ad to show on your blog both on web and mobile.

The following simple steps will show you how to allow in-feed ads display on your blogger old theme. The trick behind this tweak is to alter the code for the inline ads and replace it with the in-feed ad code.

==> Sign into your blogger dashboard at

==> Go to Layout > Blog Post Gadget > and enable ads to show between posts.

==> Make sure the ads it fixed as to show after every 3 posts as recommended by Adsense.

==> Save Theme

==> Go to your template ‘Edit HTML’. Search for this line of codes <data:adcode/> and replace it with your in-feed ad code.

==>Save Theme.

That’s all. I hope it works.

How I Added Adsense In-Feed Ad To Emporio Theme

You see that in-feed ads will display in between the content block of your blog. In-feeds is best on blogs with list style view. Make sure your blog is already linked to Adsense. If no, then use the Earning tab on your dashboard to link it.