How to Open an Online Bank Account in Nigeria

How to Open an Online Bank Account in Nigeria

In the recent era of technology, numerous daily routines
have become very convenient through the influence of the internet. The internet is not only a platform for creating social awareness, but also a resourceful
avenue through which lots of activities can be completed in no time.
Without dubious feelings, we all realize the need to ward
off the inconveniences we encounter in the event of visiting bank branches just
to get banking services rendered to us. Certainly, we get frustrated especially
when we have to remain in queues for quite a long time.
However, the internet
has proved to be the most preferable alternative as to carrying out our banking
purposes such as opening bank accounts, paying bills, buying airtime, etc. And
just with adequate knowledge of the internet
and how your phone’s buttons are tapped to get things done, you’re at liberty
of getting yourself a bank account.

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Since the inception of online banking has introduced ease
into the banking arena, lots of customers now avail themselves of their
internet-enabled mobile phones. With this technology in vogue, customers now
use their phones as a medium for practically completing numerous banking
Nevertheless, it is quite disappointing and noteworthy to
clarify that this online service is available in only some of Nigerian banks.
In a nutshell, it isn’t every single Nigerian bank that provides its customers
with the online facilities for opening bank accounts.
In this post, you will be
enlightened on how you can easily open a bank account without contacting any
bank branch in Nigeria.
To open a bank account, take
note of the steps provided below:
⇒ Before you opt for this service, bear in mind that the
online service might not allow you to open any bank account other than
individual or personal accounts

⇒ Nigerian banks usually have online portals. So, visit the
online portal of the bank you intend to start operating

⇒ On the online portal, you will be asked the type of account
you want to keep with the bank. Here, you’re certain to be provided three
options including Domiciliary, Current and Savings accounts.

I will like you to understand the necessary conditions that each of this type of accounts entails:

For Savings accounts:Savings account is the  most common and the easiest to open. Just like we already know, the requirements for opening savings account in Nigeria vary from bank to bank. Significantly, all prospective clients/customers are expected to:

  • submit a maximum of two passport photographs
  • utility bills (optional)
  • fill the know-your-customer (KYC) forms 
  • Provide a valid ID card or company ID card for savings salary account
  • Non-Nigerians are usually asked to provide work/residence permit
  • Some banks like Diamond and First banks demand that customers open this account with a minimum of one thousand naira only which is forfeited during withdrawals unless a customer wants to close the account. Furthermore, some banks operate a zero-account which means customers are allowed to open savings account with or without money.
  • A specimen signature

For Current account: You will need the following;

  • 2 referees
  • Specimen signature
  • fill out know-your-customer forms containing customer’s biographical data
  • Stipulated amount of money ranging from five thousand to fifty thousand
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Non-Nigerians are usually asked to provide work/residence permit
  • Utility bill
  • Valid ID card

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⇒ You will be required to provide some detailed information
about you including your contact details, your genuine email address, and your
location/residence. Meanwhile, ensure you secure a back-up for the details
provided just for reference purposes.

⇒ After you’ve confirmed the genuineness of all the details
provided, submit them and expect to receive a verification message in the email
address you submitted. After this verification, you’re free to begin using the
verified bank account for transactions.
NOTE: The bank will still ask you to
provide some important documents at one of its branches. This is in order to
complete the registration process that will grant you absolute access to all
your bank account features.