How to Transfer Money from First Bank to another Bank

How to Transfer Money from First Bank to another Bank

Prior to the inception of online banking, customers never
experienced absolute convenience in the event of carrying out banking routines
such as transfer of money.
Meanwhile, it is somewhat agonizing to endure lots of inconveniences while
delivering funds to beneficiaries. Again, we frequently get disappointed when
banks delay our requests and we just have to wait for a long time –probably at
the counter or somewhere in a very long queue.

However, the internet has proved to be a perfect
troubleshooter. With regard to the significant purpose of the internet,
banking has got easier than ever and our banking goals are easily achieved via
our mobile phones.

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But again, it is worthy of clarification that this very post
is not meant to show us how to transfer
via the internet but actually using our mobile phones –whether
internet-enabled or not.
Nowadays, technology has provided us with much convenience
and this has greatly displaced the need to visit bank branches and queue for so
long a time. Just with the use of your mobile phone and the ability to dial a
certain code, you’re pretty good to go.
Within the category of Nigerian banks which allow customers
to avail themselves of money transfer
via USSD codes, we’re glad to inform you that First Bank is a perfect mention.
The First Bank now offers you a great option meant to ease your transaction
purposes via a very vital code (the USSD transfer code).
Could you imagine the great things you could do with just
the First Bank USSD code? Just with the First Bank USSD (transfer) code, you
could recharge your account by getting airtime directly from your First Bank

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But here, we have come to show you the amazing steps
required to transfer funds to beneficiaries (particularly outside First Bank)
via the USSD code. Meanwhile, the First Bank USSD code is *894#.
Take note of the following steps in
order to send money from your First Bank account to an external bank account: (Also
noteworthy is that you can achieve this without getting your mobile phone
connected to the internet)
With your account sufficiently funded, start the
transfer process by dialing *894*amount*Account Number (of the recipient)#
Choose the bank your recipient operates (this is
also known as “Destination Bank’’)
Verify that you have entered the exact account
number of your recipient (immediately you’re required to do so)
If you’re just making a transaction for the
first time, provide the 4-digit PIN of your ATM (debit) card
Create a security code (this is a 5-digit code
and is required for the completion of each transfer you make)
Meanwhile, make sure you’re
dialing this from the phone number you duly provided to First Bank during your
account registration. Alternatively, this is the actual number to which First
Bank sends SMS alerts confirming your bank transactions.