How to Transfer Money Using ATM

How to Transfer Money Using ATM

It is always an awesome thing to imagine the beauty
technology adds to our recent world which has been crammed with massive
populations here and there. In a populous country such as Nigeria, the need for
efficient tools is very certain. Meanwhile, these tools are meant to expedite
the rate at which tasks are executed.
We could imagine how tedious and inconvenient things would
be if we had to visit our various bank branches for all banking needs. I guess
virtually everyone would anger at this. But because technology is growing at a
quick rate, lots of developing countries are now faced with the urge to catch
up with the pace of the fast-growing technology. To mention just few of the
latest banking policies, the inception of Cashless Economy, by Nigeria’s central
monetary authority (CBN), is nothing but an indication that the country must
work towards achieving the development standards that can place it on a par
with the developed nations.

In point of fact, the several techniques recently developed,
to ease banking purposes, are perfectly suitable for averting inconveniences
borne when customers have to remain in long queues at their bank branches. 
your adequate knowledge of technology coupled with the recent banking mediums,
you do not have to reach for the counter of your bank branch before you can
transfer money to your beneficiary.
Meanwhile, this transaction is possible regardless of the
bank your beneficiary operates. It is not necessary that you operate the same
bank as your beneficiary before you can achieve this goal.
However, lots of Nigerians are ignorant of the fact that the
ATM is a medium to help them evade
banking troubles. And in this regard, we still have some Nigerians who
encounter banking inconveniences just because they’re oblivious of how money
may be transferred via the ATM.
The ATM or
Automated Teller Machine (as you would like to call it in full) has been in
place for a long time and barely would you find a bank without its own ATM centres.

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Without further digressions, we
would like to put you through just with the help of the essential steps
required to make transfers via the ATM.
Remain glued to the steps as they are provided one after the other:
⇒ Visit your desired ATM
centre and slot your debit card into the ATM

⇒ An on-screen detail asks you to enter your PIN. This is
your 4-digit PIN. Enter it and click on the button that indicates “Proceed’’

⇒ The next on-screen information provides you several
options. From these options, select “QuickTeller’’

⇒ Press “Interbank Transfers’’ immediately the next page
provides you with several options

⇒ Choose the Funding Account Type from the next variety of
options. Here, you can choose between “Savings Account’’ and “Current

⇒ Choose the Receiving Account Type from the next on-screen
information. Here, you can choose from “Current’’ and “Savings’’ accounts.

⇒ Choose the Recipient’s Bank from the next options to be

⇒ Provide the Account Number of your recipient

⇒ Enter the amount you intend to transfer and then, click on
the button that indicates “Proceed’’ (Don’t press
“Proceed’’ if you don’t want the service charge of N100 to be deducted from
your account. Meanwhile, every transfer attracts a service charge of N100)

⇒ Verify the details in place and press “Proceed’’ if you
are sure there are no errors

⇒ Wait for a prompt message indicating “Transaction

⇒ Check your receipt to ascertain the reference number
provided. However in the absence of a receipt, check your phone for an SMS
alert containing the reference number