How to Use Your Android Smartphone as TV Remote

Use your smartphone as TV Remote

No doubt technology has created much impact than was earlier anticipated. Most especially smartphones.It is called a smartphone because it can do things in a smart way and thanks to the rapid growth of technology. Currently we are  able to harness and make use of its good side. I can’t mention all the benefits and features you get from using an Android smartphone but among the numerous features, I’ll be talking on one which is how to use your Android smartphone as a TV remote.

Well, there are various types of Android smartphones from various manufacturers, they do not only differ by brand but in functions/features and this tutorial I’m about to give will not work on all android device. It will only work on your android device if it is infrared compatible. The infrared receptor is usually at the top side of your phone close to the earphone jackpot. Phones like Samsung, LG, hTC among others usually have an infrared receptor.

I’ll be making a review on three different remote apps: QRemote (inbuilt remote app for LG), Peel remote (inbuilt for Samsung) and Universal TV remote (if your phone didn’t come with an inbuilt remote app but is infrared compatible).

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  • Launch the app and tap the + icon to add a remote
  • On the next page, you will see a list of device, select TV since we want a TV Remote
  • Select your TV manufacturer/brand.
  • The next page is where you’ll configure your remote. Point your phone to your TV and tap on the remote buttons as they appear. If it works, select yes to save your remote.
  • You have successfully configured your TV remote with your smartphone. You can configure as many TV as you want, just tap on the + icon.

Peel Remote

  • Launch the app and wait for it to load
  • Select your TV brand and wait for it to load
  • Configure your remote by pointing your phone to your TV and tap on the remote buttons as they appear. If it works, select yes to save your remote

Universal TV Remote

  • Download Universal remote app from here and launch
  • Tap on ‘Select TV Brand’
  • Select your TV brand and start using your Remote

If your device is not infrared compatible, you will get an error message.