Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks – What to expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Photo credit: Evan Blass
There have been some leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is expected to be released before 2017 runs out. Samsung released its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ few months ago and is presently the leading smartphone but Samsung is not done yet.
After a fire catching Galaxy Note 7 which didn’t speak well of Samsung (although it was rebranded and re-soled as Galaxy Note FE), the South Korean company was able to restore its dignity with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and will restore it further if the Galaxy Note 8 is finally released.
Sequel to the leaks and rumors, Samsung fans are having high expectations. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has some similar features with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ like having no physical home button and fingerprint sensor at the back. However, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to debut a number of new features that will make it one of the best Smartphones of 2017.
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3-inches screen size and an overall design that has slightly sharper angles than the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus. Cases for the Galaxy Note 8 are already been produced and from the ones made by Olixar, it shows Samsung failed to integrate its Fingerprint scanner in the display as expected but has it at the back of the phone, only this time it’s distant from the camera lens (the flash is between them) unlike that of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.
Samsung first removed its physical home button from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus and now the Galaxy Note 8. This change led to moving the fingerprint reader close to the rear camera lens. The only flaw is that you get finger grease on the camera lens whenever you use the fingerprint reader.


The Galaxy Note 8 would be Samsung’s first dual camera smartphone. It features a 13MP Dual Rear Camera and 8MP front camera. Knowing how good Samsung is at its smartphones’ camera, fans would sure keep their hopes high for this one.
There have been no details on the Galaxy Note 8’s front camera but recent leaks and rumors have shown it to be 8MP and of course we wouldn’t expect less. The rear camera is possibly going to have a 3x optical zoom and the dual camera features can be a convincing factor that the Galaxy Note 8 is the phablet you need.


No details about the battery capacity but definitely not a fire catching one. Expecting the battery capacity to be the same as Galaxy S8+ (3500mAh) wouldn’t be a low expectation.


No official price yet but it is believed to be Samsung’s most expensive smartphone and some claims suggests the price would be in the range of $1000 – $1100 which is about $250 higher than Galaxy S8 and $100 higher than Galaxy S8+.
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Storage and Memory

The Galaxy Note 8 features a 6GB RAM larger than Galaxy S8 and S8+, 64GB ROM and 128GB ROM versions (price to differ).

Launch Date

If things go as planned, the Galaxy Note 8 will be officially launched by the end of August 2017 (precisely August 23).