Tecno Phantom 6 plus gets Nougat Upgrade

Tecno Phantom 6 plusPhoto credit: Tecno Mobile NG
Tecno Phantom 6 plus was released in September 2016 together with Phantom 6 and they happen to be one of the best Smartphones produced so far by the Hong Kong based company – Tecno. They both features on Android 6.0 Operating System but an OS upgrade was recently rolled out by its producer for Phantom 6 plus only. Tecno Mobile Nigeria made the announcement on its twitter handle on August 4 and Phantom 6 plus is the first Tecno Smartphone to get an official OS upgrade.

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In the past, we know Tecno smartphones (which are MTK) devices don’t get official OS updates, they only get system update as the case may be but that is about to change because Tecno now produces smartphones that runs on hiOS just like Infinix running on XOS. 

hiOS is Tecno’s customized Operating System based on Android. It was launched in 2016 when Boom J8 was released featuring Android lollipop. The Operating System of a device shows how powerful that device is and the Tecno hiOS shows how powerful a smartphone can be. hiOS allows you customize your device and perform other operations without rooting your device. hiOS gives you options to freeze apps, regulate app data usage, one touch memory free up and a theme with beautiful wallpapers.

As at August 4, the Nougat upgrade for phantom 6 plus was officially released and quite a number of users have been able to upgrade to the latest version. The upgrade can be done either automatically by OTA (Over The Air) or manually from SD Card after downloading the upgrade file.

To perform the upgrade by OTA

Before upgrading, ensure your phone is charged to at least 80% and your device is not rooted, if it is rooted, simply unroot it. The upgrade size is about 1.7GB so ensure you are connected to a reliable network with sufficient data and speed, preferably a Wi-Fi network. To upgrade your Phantom 6 plus via OTA, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to phone Settings>>About Phone>>System Update.

Step 2: Wait for it to check for available update. After checking, you’ll see the latest update, click the download icon and wait for it to complete

Tecno Phantom 6 plus gets Nougat UpgradePhoto credit: Tecno Spot

Step 3: Once the download is completed, your phone will reboot and the upgrade will begin. This should take at least 30 minutes after which you will see a welcome screen confirming a successful upgrade.

To confirm the upgrade, go to Settings>>About Phone>>Android Version and you will see it as Android 7.1.1 

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To perform upgrade from SD Card

This option allows you upgrade your phantom 6 plus manually and without internet connection but you should have previously downloaded the upgrade zip file or you can copy from someone who already has the file. If you already have the file and your phone is charged to at least 80%, follow these steps to perform the upgrade: 

Step 1: Copy the upgrade.zip file to the root directory of your SD card

Step 2:Go to Settings>>About Phone>>System Upgrade and press the Menu button

Step 3: Select SD card and click on Install

Your device may reboot, wait for the upgrade to complete and don’t turn it off during the upgrade.

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