Top 4 Dangerous Animals in the World

Top 4 Dangerous Animals in the World

One of the beastly phenomena in the world is the existence
of many animal species which have proved deadly in every circumstance. As the
world houses numerous dangerous creatures, scientific researches and studies
tend to draw attention on the very deadliest of these creatures.

Do you know the world’s deadliest animals might not be the ones we fear most? Certainly, animals with
large bodies and frightening appearances might be less deadly if compared with
some tiny and dangerous animals.

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In most cases, we regard tiny animals as less dangerous
whereas the natural environment houses some insects capable of infecting humans
with ominous diseases.
In this post, we would love to
take you round the natural environment and expose you to shocking facts about
some animals you are hardly scared of coming across.
Right here on the list, the mosquito has emerged as the most
dangerous animal. You might not believe this owing to your belief that the
mosquito is a tiny creature you could easily kill with just a swipe of the hand.
Though the very tiniest mosquito could be three millimeters in size, mosquitoes
are very deadly animals and by reason of this, they have appeared as the cause
of many deaths.

Mosquitoes are well-known as pathogen carriers. In this
regard, the female anopheles mosquito induces malaria, which in turn, results
in death for many people (most especially infants). On the other hand, the male
culex mosquito induces elephantiasis which is considered one of the fatal
diseases inflicted by vectors.
Tsetse Fly
However the tiny nature of its body, the tsetse fly is
usually considered the deadliest fly in the world. With its miniature body
extending from 8-17mm, the tsetse fly is one of the prevalent flies in some
African countries including Angola, DR Congo, Sudan, etc.

Other than the verity that tsetse flies are exasperating and
tiny creatures which pierce and suck human blood, the very deadliest effect of
their bites is the spread of trypanosomiasis. Meanwhile, trypanosomiasis
(sleeping sickness) results from trypanosomes –the parasitic protozoa carried
and spread by tsetse flies.
Saltwater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile is regarded as a very aggressive and
bad-tempered creature which angers at every single creature that wanders near
it. Meanwhile, it is believed that the saltwater crocodile is largely found in
several regions of Australia and in some parts of Vietnam and India.
Other than being regarded as one of the world’s deadliest
animals, the saltwater crocodile happens to be the cruelest species of

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Poison Dart
Found predominantly in the northern region of South America,
the poison dart is a species of frog with an enormous and coloured body.
Meanwhile, there exists the golden poison dart commonly found in certain parts
of the Pacific Coast in Columbia. As regards the deadly effect of a single
golden poison dart, it has the ability to secrete a poisonous substance,
batrachotoxin, which can result in the deaths of ten adult men.

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