Why You Need The Same Username For All Social Media Accounts

Thinking of social media marketing or building a new brand with social media? If so or there is more to that, then you definitely going to start building your social accounts.

Many of us created social media accounts for communication but it has evolved beyond that. A few years ago, Facebook for more like a fun social networking site. We come online daily, post and then wait for our friends to like and comment. We make new friends from different parts of the world.

Today, there is a whole new aspect to social media and which business owners have come to leverage. Your business needs online and offline marketing channels. In fact, there are more customers for your business on social media.

If after making your marketing strategies and social media is inclusive, how then do you start? First thing is to create a social media account whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It takes less than five minutes to create a social account but while doing so there are certain things you need to consider; your brand and your audience.

Why You Need The Same Username For All Social Media Accounts

You have a name and someone else may be bearing the same name with you. But how do they differentiate you and the other person when yours or his name is mentioned. Probably your surname or maybe your business.

If you desire to have your brand name on your customer’s mind irrespective of the social networking site they can use to reach you, then using the same username for all of them is a must. It is not a choice, it is mandatory.

Imagine, that your brand name is Domain Dome, and you created a social media account for it. Your Facebook username is different from the Twitter and Instagram account but although all have the same page name. How does it sound?

Well, in some cases while creating a social media account for your brand, you may discover that the username must have been taken. That true, I have encountered that several times. But this is another reason why you need to consider social media account username when thinking of a name for your brand. But if then, your brand has long been existing before your decided to create social networking pages and you find out that someone else is using it, what can do you?

Most of this social networking sites have infringement and trademark policies which can help you claim an existing username for your brand. But it is not easy. There are criterias deemed for claiming an existing social media account.

I love using the same username for all my social media accounts. It is easier for people to find me when they can’t spell my full names. There can be other Mazino in this world. Hence, by searching for mazinoweb which is usually my username, you can be 100% sure you are reaching me. This is the same thing other top global brands do. If you are serious about your business on social media, you will make sure that you use the same username name in all the social media platforms available to you.