Top Ways Bloggers Can Drive Quality Traffic to Their Blog

Top Ways Bloggers Can Drive Quality Traffic to Their Blog

There are numbers of ways bloggers can drive quality traffic to their blogs. Do you want to get quality real human traffic? If yes, you’re in the right place. The efficacy of traffic cannot be questioned especially when it comes to making money online, either passively or proactively. Apart from quality blog traffic there are 7 SEO Habits to Stop In 2018 to Avoid Being Penalized.You must get yourself acquainted with this parameters to ensure maximum success.

It is very easy to start a blog but making it big is what makes you stand out in the blogosphere and one of the ways to make it big in the blogosphere is by traffic generation. Traffic can either be organic (i.e traffic generated from search engines) or direct. With that been said, this article I’ll show you how you can get both organic and direct traffic.

Traffic can be generated in different ways, however, it is best if you use all the methods. Let’s take a look at the methods:

Quality Contents

This is the first and most important step in getting traffic. The one sure way to retain your readers is by giving them quality contents. The truth is people don’t really care (only a few, that is if there’s any) about your blog, they only come to read articles that answer their question and get freebies and the moment you have nothing to offer them, they leave. Your concern is to retain them by constantly giving them quality contents because in the end when you decide to monetize your site, they will be of help to you.

With the massive increase of bloggers, it is difficult to write a post that someone has not previously written on but adding your own voice and ideas to it is what makes it unique. When writing an article, don’t forget to use paragraphs and add media contents like images, videos, etc because a well-written article without visual content is bound to bring low traffic.

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Share your contents

Writing quality contents and sharing your contents goes together because you can’t share without writing and you can’t just write and not share, if you do, how will users get to know what you’ve written? Whenever you post a new article to your blog, don’t let it end there, share your posts on every social media platform and don’t neglect your audience, always respond positively to their comments even if it’s a bad one.

Guest posting

Guest posting is another way of meeting other bloggers, increasing your audience and getting traffic. Go online and search for blogs (related to your niche and with pretty good traffic and authority) that accept guest posts, write a quality post and add a link to your website in the Author Bio.

It is best to first establish a relationship with the admin before pitching a guest post. Establishing a relationship with co-bloggers will not only help you create a guest post but also help you learn more in the blogosphere.

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Build links

When you write a new article, ensure to add links to your previous related posts. These links should lead to contents that provide more details on what you’re writing about. This is known as internal links or cross-linking and it’s a good habit to get into as it sends traffic from your new post to other relevant pages on your site and boosts overall page views.

Another way of building links is by commenting on other blogs and dropping relevant links. This is known as external or backlinks but take note that dropping a link in the comment box of another blog can be marked as spam so if the link you’re dropping does not in any way contribute to the article, don’t drop any link. Only add a link to your blog in the form you fill before dropping a comment.

Search Engines Optimization

Blogs are perfect for SEO and since you’re constantly adding new contents you could easily rank for different keywords. Create contents that are SEO friendly for search engines to pick, sit back and watch your traffic grow.

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You could also make use of tools like Google Search console and add a sitemap, robots.txt, etc. All these are ways of making your blog SEO friendly and appearing on search engines.