What Specifications and Features Do You Expect Of Tecno Camon C7? –Check Them Out!

What Specifications and Features Do You Expect Of Tecno Camon C7? –Check Them Out!

Among the latest series of phones, the unexpected release of
Tecno Camon C7 has certainly come as a great surprise. From the moment Tecno
Camon C5 and Tecno Camon C8 appeared in the stable of smartphones, a die hard
lover of Tecno phones would be looking forward to probably Tecno Camon C10, C9
or so. However, the Tecno smartphone provider has struck the arena of mobile devices
with the fascinating release of its Tecno Camon C7.

Meanwhile, Tecno has constantly surprised its customers with
smart devices built with exquisite features and top-notch specifications. And so,
we’re pleased to bring you the glamorous features associated with Tecno Camon
C7 in the hope that they will surely give users the awesome experience they
desire from Tecno.
=>First and foremost, let’s take a slight review of Tecno
Camon C7 features.
Operating System

Since Camon C7 was not predicted to be designed with an
extraordinary operating system, the device moderately features Android 6.0 for
running programmes, applications, etc. With bands of 2100 and 900/1800, Tecno
Camon C7 respectively enables WCDMA and GSM connections. Also, the 900 band can
be used with WCDMA.
Design and Display
Tecno Camon C7 is also built with the IPS HD touch-screen
type pegged at 5.0inches. Since lots of smartphone users are fond of Android
phones fixed at any range beginning from 5.0 touch-screen display, Tecno Camon
C7 has surely got the suitable display for any moderate smartphone user. At the
same time, the device operates smoothly with the help of its processor rated at
1.3GHz. Above all this, Tecno has precisely modified the smart device with a
screen resolution fixed at 1280 x 720.
With a memory space built with a 2GB RAM together with a
16GB ROM, Tecno has beautifully designed the Camon C7 with a view to making
users enjoy smooth running of applications. Moreover, the smart phone is
suitable for storing files on a large scale with the help of its Micro SD card
slot that is capable of holding close to 128GB.
Again, it is quite interesting to review the device based on
the quality of its two cameras. Meanwhile, it isn’t a doubt that lovely cameras
constitute the exceptional features which distinguish smartphones from each
other. Therefore, high-quality cameras are some of the pleasant features
serving as the selling point of many smartphones. In this very regard, the
Tecno Camon C7 has been designed with two cameras –the front-positioned camera
and the rear camera. Likewise, both cameras come with 13 megapixels. Quite
frankly, selfie-addicts would definitely find these cameras some awesome
features to enjoy.

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Smartphones are some of the beautiful features of modern
technology because they are an avenue for us to share memorable moments and
experiences with our beloved ones. However, these smartphones could deprive you
of these lovely experiences when their batteries are unable to sustain heavy
uses –probably a 24h-hour timeframe as the least duration while heavily used.
We find our smartphones very handy and lovely to use. For this reason, almost
the entirety of smartphone users prefers devices capable of sustaining them for
heavy tasks probably over many hours. 
In this belief, we can conclude that our
smartphones hardly magnify our pleasurable moments when their batteries fail to
last long. Though Tecno Camon C7 has a 2500mAh battery capacity, which some
people may dislike and consider somewhat low, the device may still give its
users the very pleasurable and satisfactory talk time as regards its moderate
operating system.
=>Check Out Some of
Tecno Camon C7 Specs Below

– An operating system designed with Android 6.0

– A 2GB RAM space together with a 16GB ROM

– Two cameras with 13 megapixels each

– Quad-Core Processor marked with 1.3GHz

– A Micro SD extending to 128GB

Network consisting of WCDMA (compatible with
both 2100 and 900 bands) and GSM (900/1800 band)