How to Activate Airtel Money

How to Activate Airtel Money
Image Credit: HapaKenya

Airtel remains one of Nigeria’s biggest network operators
and has taken its great services across many African countries. Meanwhile, the
giant network operator [Airtel] has stood its ground in widening its customer
base seemingly through its mega beneficial offers such as affordable tariff
plans, cheap data plans and several other beneficial facilities.
In this post, we’ve come up with several steps on how to activate
Airtel Money –one of Airtel’s biggest facilities. As far as technology is
concerned, Airtel Money is seen as an effective tool intended to displace our
strenuous task of visiting banks for partially all banking needs.

As regards Airtel’s reputable stance, the network operator
seeks to outstrip its Nigerian counterparts with its beneficial services,
particularly the Airtel Money

Though the trio of MTN, Glo and Etisalat [now regarded as
9Mobile] maintain constant services and persuade their subscribers with mega
offers, Airtel arguably features amongst the best 3 network operators.
As regards the focal point of this post, Airtel Money
happens to be a medium through which Airtel subscribers can avail themselves of
great benefits such as:
Making payments for services, goods and bills
[such as electricity bills)
Transferring and receiving funds via several
Connecting your Airtel Money wallet with your
bank account
Buying instant airtime 
Transferring airtime to your beneficiary
Withdrawing deposited funds without using your
ATM card
Also noteworthy, this service can be available to all Airtel
subscribers. But for any Airtel subscriber to have access to the service,
he/she has to attempt the activation process by complying with the instructions
we would like to share right here. (NOTE: There are different activation
methods for various African countries but in this post, our aim is to guide
Nigeria-based Airtel subscribers on the simple activation method for Airtel

Therefore, follow the steps below if you wish to activate
Airtel Money on your Airtel SIM card:
From your registered Airtel SIM card, dial the
USSD code *903#
Comply with the subsequent on-screen information
(this is a note welcoming you to the service and asking you to choose between
options “1’’ and “2’’
Select the first option –option “1’’ –as it
allows you to register for the service