How to Activate GTBank Mobile Money

How to Activate GTBank Mobile Money

Nowadays, the rate population expansion across the
world has necessitated the need to quicken our tasks with fast, safe and
reliable technological mediums. With relevance to this, banks now provide
facilities through which customers can easily transfer funds without visiting
any bank branch.
As GTBank maintains its stance within the sphere of banking
institutions which offer these facilities, we’re glad to inform you of GTBank Mobile Money.
Without doubts, the GTBank Mobile Money is an easy-to-use and expeditious means of
transferring money to beneficiaries anywhere around the globe.
Are you tired of visiting the bank
each time you wish to send money to your relatives or friends? Do you wish to enjoy
the safest and quickest transfer medium? If
yes, keep on reading this post as we bring you closer to the registration
procedures for GTBank Mobile Money.

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The registration procedures for
GTBank Mobile Money are brief and easily digestible. As you remain
connected to this post, the procedures will come your way one after the other.
But before we go ahead, it is notable to inform you that the registration process is available in two basic
mediums. And for you to attempt it, you can either;
Purchase a SIM card which has already been
equipped with the SIM tool kit for the GTbank Mobile Money –However, this facility is available on Etisalat SIMs
Or visit an app store where you can get the
GTBank Mobile Money app installed on
your JAVA phone or any kind of Smartphone.
Here, we would like to stick with the second medium (through
which anyone with an equipped Etisalat SIM can easily attempt the
registration). If your Etisalat SIM is already equipped with the facility for
GTBank Mobile Money, follow the
steps below:

=>From the main menu on your phone, open your SIM menu

=> Choose an option implying “Mobile Money’’

=>Then, select “GTBank’’ from the next page

=>From the next on-screen information, choose “My Account’’

After that, select “Register’’ from the next
options (Here, you will be required to provide details such as Date of Birth,
Last Name and First Name. Meanwhile, ensure each detail provided is correct and
accurate as it may be needed to verify your status whenever you find it
difficult to remember your 4-digit account PIN).

  With the above information provided by you, an
SMS with a 6-digit number (serving as your activation token) will be sent to
With the above measures already in place, you
can start the activation by selecting “activate’’
For the activation:
Fill in your activation token (the 6-digit
number sent to you during registration)
Create a 4-digit PIN that will be confidential
to you (This PIN will serve as your account PIN)
You will be required to provide the 4-digit PIN
once again (This is to ensure it has been correctly entered)
With the above instructions
completed, GTBank will send you an SMS to welcome you. From the moment you
receive this, you’re free to start accessing your GTBank Mobile Money account.