How to Prevent your PC from Automatic Driver Updates

How to Prevent your PC from Automatic Driver Updates

Windows 10, as largely observed, is prone to automatic updates and many users have complained about unnecessary updates and downloads
which greatly affect their tasks on PCs. On a certain note, Windows 10 is built
with the Windows 10 Creators Update –a feature that causes it to run automatic
and, probably, unsolicited updates. Meanwhile, some PC users have frowned at
this and claimed lots of vital information had been lost in this regard.

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However, the consistency of Windows 10 in providing
automatic updates might have resulted from the certainty that there are several
cyber-attacks, such as WannaCry, posing severe threats to computerized data. And
as an attempt to prevent your PC from being vulnerable to likely attacks, you
have to keep it updated with security details. And quite seemingly, Microsoft
has built the Windows 10 with features meant to update the operating system
automatically lest your PC be prone to probable attacks.
To many users, it is quite interesting that Windows 10 keeps
PCs in secure conditions by sourcing the internet for new updates and
automatically installing the compatible and useful ones. But again, quite a few
people anger at this because the automatic updates persistently create certain
inconveniences for them. And probably, some people who actually prefer manual
updates may not consider upgrading their PCs to Windows 10.
For those who operate some Windows 10 versions such as
Education, Enterprise and Professional, the Group Policy editing tool is
practically effective for disabling Windows’ annoying automatic updates. On the
other hand and for users of the widely-used “Home’’ version of Windows 10,
disabling the automatic updates of the operating system will require some problem-solving
In this post, you will be exposed to some easy steps which
can save you from the headache you go through whenever Windows 10 has to run
automatic updates on your PC.

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Try to Prevent your PC from Automatic Driver Updates:
You can disable instances of automatic driver updates by
following few steps. Though Windows 10 may not be
prevented from running automatic updates on the operating system, you’re still provided with an option that allows you to prevent
it from running automatic updates on your device drivers. If you wish to
attempt this:
Go to “Control Panel’’ on your PC (this option
is available when you explore the “Start’’ icon and right-click it)
Having explored the “Control Panel’’, click on
“System’’ and from the next options, choose “Advanced System Settings’’
After opening “Advanced System Settings’’, you
will find a windows option implying “System Properties’’
When you open “System Properties’’, you will
find few tabs containing “Hardware’’ and several other options.
From the tab options, choose the “Hadware’’ tab
and from it, select “Device Installation Settings’’
Having done this, you will get an in-time
message, implying “Do you want Windows to download driver software and
realistic icons for your devices’’
When you see this, click on the option
indicating “No, let me choose what to do’’
Complete the process by clicking on “Save