How to Transfer Airtime via Etisalat

How to Transfer Airtime via Etisalat
Image Credit: MobilityArena

In Nigeria, the top network operators attempt to emulate
each other by providing similar beneficial offers for their subscribers. In the
light of this, we easily draw attention on a great service –Mobile Airtime
–that enables customers to share out of their sufficient credit
balance with beneficiaries such as friends, neighbours or relatives. But as a
noteworthy implication, this service is usually possible when subscribers use
the same network as their recipients.
As a great advantage for Etisalat subscribers, Etisalat
constitutes the giant network providers that enable subscribers to transfer
airtime to other subscribers with whom they share similar networks.

The service Mobile Airtime Transfer is very common to
each of Nigeria’s most influential mobile network operators including MTN,
Airtel, Etisalat and Glo. However, each operator has its specific method for
the service and in this respect, there are different names for the service. For
MTN subscribers, the service is termed Share n Sell while a certain other
operator names it Me2u.

As a significant attempt to promote their services, the top
Nigerian network operators have launched Mobile Airtime Transfer facilities and
with these benefits, subscribers do not have to purchase vouchers in
order to send airtime to beneficiaries.
However in this post, our goal is to guide you on the easy
and quick steps for Etisalat subscribers to transfer airtime to any
beneficiaries who also operate Etisalat.
As implied earlier, the Etisalat Mobile Airtime Transfer is
the easiest of its kind simply because you do not have to create any SMS or
adopt some roundabout methods. 

Steps Required to Transfer Airtime to another Etisalat

–          First and foremost, bear in mind that Etisalat
sets your default 4-digit transfer PIN as 0000 (which you should change to any
preferred 4-digit PIN by simply creating a call to Etisalat Customer Service
Centre on 200)
With that done, dial the USSD code *223*
together with your security/transfer PIN, the amount of transfer and your
recipient’s phone number
Present the details above in this manner (in
case you wish to send airtime worth of #500 to a recipient whose phone number
is 08135399644) *223*0000*500*08135399644#
Alternatively, you can explore the Etisalat Service Menu
from your phone’s main menu if you do not prefer using the method explained