How to Upload Videos to YouTube


How to Upload Videos to YouTube

Do you want to upload videos to youtube? YouTube is a free-to-use platform where users from around the world can quickly upload videos for them to be viewed by thousands of people. With this in place, YouTube serves as an awesome atmosphere for people to find video clips containing solutions to their problems.
In some other measure, YouTube could be your resort when you need clear and accessible videos on how a certain task is carried out. As an academic learner, you might need
some visual or animated tutorials on how certain tasks –probably some laboratory experiments –are carried out.
And as fascinating as it seems, YouTube is always around the corner to ease your academic needs with relevant videos.

Due to its free-to-use basis which avails numerous people of the opportunity to upload videos, you can activate YouTube for partially all videos, especially on any kinds of things such as latest movies, academic tutorials, recent football matches and many more.
Though YouTube allows people to upload videos for anyone to stumble on, the quite easy steps –through which this may be achieved –are not within some people’s knowledge. Meanwhile, we’ve decided to devote our time to helping you with this.
As a lecturer you may be keen on showing your students some videos about how they should get along with certain tutorials.
In this regard, you should consider the few steps contained in this post about how you can
easily upload your videos to YouTube without using any special tool.
Finally, you shouldn’t fee reluctant to comply with the easy step-by-step procedure below:


.To directly upload your video files from a PC, phone or other gadget to YouTube, ensure you create a Google Account if you don’t have any

  • With your Google Account ready, log in to it
  • Meanwhile, there are privacy settings for videos in case you don’t wish to publicize them
  • Right from your PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc. choose the actual video you want to upload
  • Whenever you’re uploading a video, YouTube allows you to edit and customize the advanced settings of the video and its basic details

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  • Likewise, you’re free to set a notification and direct it to subscribers
  • To complete the task of uploading a public video, select the Publish icon
  • In case you’ve edited the video privacy setting and chosen Private or Unlisted, you may complete the upload by selecting the Done icon
  • If you however prefer sharing the video in a private manner, you can select the Share

NOTE: Any video you upload doesn’t become public to others until you select the Publish icon

Immediately your video upload becomes successful, you will receive an email (from YouTube) notifying you that your video was successfully uploaded. In order to share the video with somebody, you’re certainly allowed to send the email to that person.

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