How to Use Your iPhone as a Webcam

How to Use Your iPhone as a Webcam
The introduction of iPhone
into the collection of high-end devices is extremely awesome. On a certain note
and through its potency of serving many purposes, the iPhone has appeared as an impressive gadget which may be used in
place of many other clumsy gadgets.
Though your iPhone
may not serve all the basic purposes of a webcam, it will definitely serve the
vital purpose of tracking an event and providing a video record of the event
tracked. However, the iPhone might
not support this awesome feature without the help of certain applications.
Taking a glance at the practical advantages of using your iPhone as a webcam, you can easily set
it aside for security purposes or in order to monitor your pet, your little
child or your home at large. Also, as a great alternative against spending
unreasonably on so many gadgets, your iPhone
will serve many other purposes which would certainly make you realize how
impressive it is. But here, we’re using this post as a medium to emphasize how
your iPhone can perfectly serve the
main purpose of a webcam.
Meanwhile, with the help of a number of exquisite apps which
we would like to share with you, the camera of your iPhone can definitely turn out to substitute for a webcam. Quite
impressively, your iPhone’s camera
has been designed to support certain apps that will record it and place it on
the internet, transfer it to another Smartphone or simply send it to a PC.
As you keep on reading this
informative post, you will find out the
great apps that will provide you with the best option of turning your iPhone’s camera into a webcam.
IP Cam
With IP Cam installed on your iPhone, you can record clear
videos of almost anything your desire. This app is built with powerful features
that let you take and record computer videos simply through your iPhone’s Wi-Fi
connection. Also, to ensure your recording suits your desire, IP Cam sports an
effective tool that modifies the contrast and brightness of your videos. And in
order to save your eyes from being blurred by strong light/brightness, IP Cam
is equipped with the night vision mode together with the grayscale.
From many people’s views, iCam has been recommended as the
best tool for those who wish to enjoy the fastest streaming of live videos,
especially on a multiple scale. The app is accurately equipped with a notable
feature that sends you messages to notify you about motion events and
recording, each time something is observed. Also, iCam is designed to give you
the best experience if you desire the actual playback or recording of a motion
As part of the remarkable features of iCam, it sports a
high-quality camera that beautifies video clips with amazing graphics.
Air Cam Live Video
Air Cam Live Video is built with as a superb tool that may
be connected to an external webcam for you to explore live videos. By connecting
the webcam at your workplace with Air Cam Live Video, you can be very lucky to
spot each activity conducted at your workplace while you remain at a distant
PocketCam by Senstic
The most interesting aspect of this app is how it easily
allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless webcam which is certainly
compatible with your Windows PC or your Mac. Other than its impressive ability
to support features such as iMessage, FaceTime and audio, the app sports a
camera segment that produces excellent video quality.

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