How to Use Your Mobile Phone to Open a Zenith Bank Account

How to Use Your Mobile Phone to Open a Zenith Bank Account
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 Until the mobile banking system was initiated, banking was
never an easy task as many customers had to contact their various banks for
nearly all banking needs. Nowadays, mobile banking is definitely one of the
banking trends which have magnified the pace at which technology accelerates.
With relevance to the advantages of mobile banking, a lot of people have come
to realize the magical ways through which their handy mobile devices can alleviate
banking difficulties.
Currently in Nigeria, many banks have been gathering efforts
intended to help customers avert many of their banking difficulties.
Fortunately, Zenith Bank has forced its way into the category of banks helping
customers with banking tasks.
With the help of the mobile banking facility newly launched
by Zenith Bank Plc, anyone who wishes to start banking with Zenith Bank is now
open to a hitch-free means of achieving his goal. In
line with the mobile banking system, those
who intend to open savings accounts with Zenith Bank can now meet their needs
just with the aid of their mobile phones.
This service is of numerous benefits which many customers
would surely love to enjoy. As part of its benefits, this service allows you
Open a savings account with Zenith Bank without
having to pay any charges, i.e. the service occurs at a free-of-charge basis
Create your own savings account with Zenith Bank
regardless of the kind of mobile phone you use
In order to allow its customers enjoy the service in the
most convenient way, Zenith Bank has created a USSD code which serves as the
medium for the opening a savings account via any mobile phone.
To tell you how convenient the service is, you don’t have to
dial more than the USSD code and immediately this is done, Zenith Bank will
send you an SMS showing you your account number for the savings account you’ve
just opened.
As easy as it is, follow the three steps below to open your
Zenith Bank savings account:
From your mobile phone –whether internet-enabled
or not –dial the USSD code *966*0#
Follow the next on-screen command that asks you
to input your First Name
Input your Last Name by following the format in
the second step
NOTE: To complete the process and
make Zenith Bank verify the account, go to any nearby Zenith Bank branch and
provide your BVN number together with some personal information containing your
passport photograph.