How You Can Retrieve Any Lost Document in MS Word 2010

How You Can Retrieve Any Lost Document in MS Word 2010

In many cases, important Ms Word documents can be easily lost and if circumstances impose this on us, we have to seek probable solutions and ensure our vital data is recovered.

Undeniably, Microsoft Word comes as a desktop suite which requires no internet connection for users to create computerized documents and save them for official purposes.

This option might seem beneficial in certain cases, but in reality, it can result in serious inconveniences.

By reason of these disadvantages, there could be an interruption in power supply, an unexpected shutdown in a computer system or probably some other instances which might close down a Word document (being created). Meanwhile, the fact that these unexpected instances are unavoidable
automatically means any important document being created can be lost.

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To help users with safety measures and prevent vital data from extinction, the Microsoft company equipped its office suite with some effective tools capable of retrieving lost documents. Since there can be several methods of retrieving a lost Word document based on the MS Word version
in use, we have decided to present the easy steps you can follow if you’re a user of the 2010 version of MS Word.
MS-Word 2010 comes with a pre-installed feature in form of a “draft system’’. In this feature, all MS Word documents are saved automatically but on a temporary basis.


This feature enables MS Word users to prevent their documents from permanent loss in case there is a sudden system disconnection/shutdown or power failure. However, the fact that the draft
system keeps the lost documents temporarily means they are permanently lost after 4 days. Notably, you’re advised to use the draft system in retrieving your lost MS Word documents before the 4-day deadline.

In order to easily recover any lost document (in Ms Word 10), here are the steps you should follow:
  1. Explore MS Word 10 on your computer system
  2. Select the option implying File.
  3. Move your mouse to the info option. Meanwhile, this is where you will find Manage Versions
  4. Having selected Manage Versions, a drop-down menu will pop up
  5. Select the drop-down menu and click on the  Recover Unsaved Documents


When you follow the information above, we believe you will be able to explore all the recently drafted items, you may choose the lost document when you locate it (Mind you, this is only when the 4-day deadline has not elapsed).