Jaysciencetech Blog of the Month Blogger’s Contest

Jaysciencetech Blog of the Month Blogger's Contest

Jaysciencetech covers everything on How TOs, Useful Blogging Tips, Tech and Science Tutorials/ Discoveries, News and Innovative Research Challenges.
In Jaysciencetech we make you to understand that knowledge is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that is proportionally precise, predictive and reliable – a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional. According to Brian Greene. As long as the science of today is the technology for the future, we guarantee that you will ascertain mutual equilibrium in your quest for knowledge and exploration.

Blogging is a serious business .if you’re still blogging continually without making any penny,try and restrategise or change your modus operandi. However, you can’t experience instantaneous success in blogging, it comes from consistency and hard-work. The hard truth is that it takes time and money.Building quality backlinks, traffic, social media presence/outreach etc. Lots of bloggers and online content marketers have been making serious money from their long time dedication and commitment. Few examples include popular Linda ikejiBamidele OnibalusiJide OgunsanyaNoble igwe,Seun,yomi, etc…The list is endless.

This contest will help promote and reposition participants in a state of mutual balance/equilibrium. In addition it will also bridge the gap between the established bloggers and new bloggers, they by establishing a mutual balance.Thus, creating room for high influx of traffic and awareness.

In order to Join the Jaysciencetech  Blog of the Month Blogger’s Contestthe following Rules must/should be followed accordingly:

    1.Register for the Blogger Contest by sending a email to [email protected] indicating your interest to participate in the contest. Your mail should include the following;

     =>Blog description
     =>Services your blog offer
     =>Short Review on jaysciencetech Blog
    . It should contain who we are, what we cover and how to get to us. It should not be less than 300 words.
2. Follow jaysciencetech on facebook and twitter

3.Publish the review on your blog and send a link to us using the email address above

>Who Wins  Jaysciencetech Blog of the Month Blogger’s Contest?<

Blog/Blogger with the highest blog post comments. That is the reviewed post  you published on your blog.
N/B: Sharing and mentioning the Jaysciencetech Blog of the Month Blogger’s Contest on social media platforms is a plus for winning but not a compulsory criteria for winning.
=>Cash prize of 5000

=>Free Advert placement on jaysciencetech blog in form of  sponsored post for a period of 1 month.
=>Jaysciencetech Blog  premium template
=> Free 1 month Guide/consultation on  how to start a blog for new startups,blogging without tears,how to make money blogging.

Entry closes 30th september,2017.

Terms and conditions apply
Best regards

CEO, Jaysciencetech

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