Some Internet Facts That Will Shock You

Some Internet Facts That Will Shock You
Image Credit: Coe

For many years,
the internet has remained the mainstay of numerous activities and definitely,
it may be regarded as the hub for people of various backgrounds to share
information with each other. As you would easily believe it, there is no single
day the internet doesn’t receive visitors. Meanwhile, this clearly outlines the
impact it has on the entire world.

You could imagine a world utterly devoid of internet; how
you would need to establish physical contact with faraway people each time you
want them to see what you have written and how boring life would seem if no one
could share ideas with a massive audience through blogs or websites.
Since the internet forms part of the vital facets of technology,
you would easily agree that its essence should never be debased on any grounds.
Regarding the essence of the internet, readers now avoid carrying clumsy books
around and instead of that, they easily peruse the internet for research and
study needs. Likewise, buyers and sellers do not have to establish physical
contact each time they have to discuss business. And as confirmed by reports,
online businesses now thrive immensely due to the influx of buyers who peruse
the internet for their needs.
Without further digressions, this post is majorly centred on
some facts you might not know about the internet. Though the word “internet’’
is not a bizarre thing to hear, there are shocking facts associated with it. As
you should realize, facts are usually fascinating as they keep us around the
sphere of knowledge. For this reason, it is always good to source every nook
and cranny of the world for shocking facts.
Do you know the word that connects a
spider to the internet? I guess you don’t! And quite funnily, you could
imagine how factual this is because it is very shocking. Nevertheless and
without keeping you in suspense, a word relates a
spider to the internet and the word is certainly “web’’. Are you
surprised or doubting the truth of this? You shouldn’t doubt this if you know
that a spider spins cobwebs and that web, in another sense, describes the
internet as a complex sphere that houses lots of pages, sites, blogs or
information in general.


1. On a daily basis, the internet registers more than 100,000 domains tagged with .com (Are you using a .com domain?)

2. By one-day deactivation of global internet about, 3 billion Google Searches and 196 billion emails will be on hold (Do you believe this?)

3. Pornography occupies over 37% of what you find on the internet (Very incredible!)

4. At the time rate of 0.2 seconds, 1,000 computer systems are needed to generate a response to a single Google query

5. The first ever email was sent and received by Ray Tomlinson (Wow! It had the same person as sender and recipient)

6. 1.16 seconds is the quickest time rate ever recorded for a login to a Gmail account (How fast that is! Much swifter than your SWIFT 4G, I guess!)

7. In 1995, Robert Metcalfe announced that the internet could cease functioning in the subsequent year (1996) and affirmed that would “eat his words’’ if the internet didn’t collapse. However, Metcalfe’s prediction failed him and consequently in 1997, he obtained a printed impression of his statement, mixed it with liquid and swallowed it.

8. Within 4 years of existence, the internet was able to extend to a huge audience of 50 million persons (A great milestone indeed!). However, the television and the radio spent 13 years and 38 years respectively before reaching that milestone.

9. In every second, the internet generates huge traffic which expands to 22,343GB (Magnificent indeed!)