How To stop Facebook Friends From Finding You On Instagram

You created a new Instagram account with a fake name so that people don’t know you are the one who owns it. You think by hiding your real details your Facebook friends won’t know you are on Instagram with that new username. Then suddenly, you log in and your Facebook friends are following you. All your effort to create a secret Instagram becomes useless. You begin to wonder if there is anything like privacy on social media.

While there are plenty of benefits to social media, you don’t always want to be noticed. However, according to this post by Frugaa, social networks are often integrated and automatically connected – as the above example shows. Luckily, there is a way to prevent this.”

What Others Have Suggested

If you use search engine to find out ways of hiding your Instagram account from your Facebook friends, you will see many suggestions. Some of which are given below.

  • Unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.
  • Use a new email account.
  • Block all your Facebook friends on Instagram.
  • Do not connect your phone contact.
  • Go to Facebook and revoke Instagram access to your account.
  • Uninstall Facebook App from your device.
  • Delete your Facebook account and restart all over.
Well, there are many other suggestions, but none seem to have worked. Their Facebook friends keep finding them and also gets friends recommendations from Facebook.
How To stop Facebook Friends From Finding You On Instagram

What Really Work

I tried my own experiment and for now, the Instagram account has been kept secret. I created a new Instagram account with a new mobile number which none of my Facebooks has. In fact, even friends outside Facebook don’t have the phone number.  I refused to link the Instagram account to any personal Facebook accounts. But the Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page which I use for advertising.
You may try that as well and I hope it works for you.