Top 4 Best Browsers for Nokia S40, S30 and Other Java Phones

Top 4 Best Browsers for Nokia S40, S30 and Other Java Phones
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Web browsers are very important
especially when you can’t rely on some WAP browsers. Again, it
is an exciting thing to run two or more web browsers on a Java-enabled phone
such as Nokia S30, Nokia S40 or Nokia Asha.
As we already know, only few web browsers are supported on Java-enabled mobile phones but very
interestingly, some of these web browsers still give you the awesome internet
experience you so desire.

Notably, many users of Java-enabled phones are
conversant with Opera Mini and UC Browser but besides these two great browsers,
few other browsers are recommendable.
UC Browser
If you desire the fastest web browser for your Nokia Asha or
any Series 40 Nokia phones such as Nokia C3-00, you shouldn’t hesitate to
download and install UC Browser. Impressively, UC Browser is designed by one of
the best Chinese brands –Alibaba Groups. The web browser is best recommended
for superb features such as its tab
that allow you to run and toggle between multiple websites at once. 

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is an excellent web browser. The mobile browser
is highly rated not only for its superb features such as speed dial and tab options,
but also for its attractive backgrounds –particularly in its version 8.
Currently, Opera Mini is the suitable web browser that can compete with UC
Browser but for the reason that UC Browser sports few superb features which
Opera Mini lacks, we have decided to rate it above the latter.
One Browser
Here is another web browser designed by Tencent –a
Chinese-owned firm; One Browser –formerly regarded as QQ Browser –has an
excellent feature that distinguishes it from the other browsers in this list.
In this regard, the web browser enables you to keep a private account through which you can entail the privacy of your
data and the history of data sessions. 


You may consider this browser rather worthless because of
its poor quality, the fact is that the browser still maintains a speedy rate at
which pages are loaded. PicoWeb doesn’t really appear in the form of a web
browser. Instead, it apparently assumes the form of a WAP browser. Over and
above its poor quality, PicoWeb still has a significant feature which allows
you to save a web page that you can read afterwards even without any internet
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