Top 4 Lucrative Businesses for Nigerians

Top 4 Lucrative Businesses for Nigerians
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When the term “business’’ emerges as the subject matter in
any discussion, Nigerians show intense favour and without doubts, this
outlines the extreme desire they have for wealth. As observable as it is, there
are numerous businesses in Nigeria but sadly, many Nigerians sneak out of the
country in search of business opportunities abroad.

By way of inquiring into this matter, several questions
linger on the mind and among these questions are “Is Nigeria not blessed with
business resources?’’, “Can Nigerians not harness the enormous richness of
their land?’’ “Are there not lucrative potentials in Nigerian businesses’’.
Verily, a strategic Nigerian business partner should ask those questions as
regards the influx with which Nigerians leave their land for strange
With the view of opening the eyes of prospective businessmen/women
to the amazing profits they can generate, we have decided to provide the names of
some businesses which have thrived over the years and are expected to remain
lucrative amidst severe market conditions.

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As a strategic investor or one who plans to invest, you
wouldn’t love to invest your prestigious penny in businesses without everlasting
potentials. In point of fact, you would prefer businesses with immense
benefits, great reputations, and the amazing ability to thrive regardless of
economic conditions.
Based on factual reasoning, it is strongly advisable that
you understand the basics of Nigerian businesses before they are ventured into.
However, some desperate Nigerians randomly engage in several businesses without
considering the prospects of those businesses.
Fortunately and in an attempt to save strategic Nigerians
from plunging into businesses devoid of thriving potentials, great prospects
and immense business returns, we have come up with the names of several
businesses that will continually fetch huge profits as regards the phase of the
Nigerian economy.
Although many young Nigerians consider this as beneath their
status, records have shown that the richest class of Nigerians is largely
dominated by agriculturists. As implied here, the word “agriculturists’’
underlies the business moguls who have achieved remarkable feats within and
outside Nigeria by engaging in agricultural segments such as Cassava Production, Poultry Farming, Sale of Cash Crops, Garri Processing
and lots more.
Agriculture encompasses great opportunities and as God would
have it, many passionate people have taken advantage of this idea to generate
enormous wealth for themselves. As a good example, the name of Nigeria’s and
Africa’s richest man (Aliko Dangote) amazingly occupies the mind.
By way of saying petroleum, we simply mean one of Nigeria’s
massive endowments. Since Nigeria is immensely rich in crude oil,
business-minded Nigerians can make the best out of this privilege. If you have
an unbending passion for making your own prestigious income out of Nigeria’s
massive oil deposit, you could establish a filling station and engage in the
sale and distribution of oil to customers in nearby and distant locations. 
If you however think you should maintain a humble starting
point due to your small capital, you could establish a small-scale business
concerned with buying and selling diesel, gas or probably kerosene.
Haulage business involves the transport and delivery
services rendered by owners of vehicles or any other mediums of transportation.
Certainly, this business marks one of the best things you can engage in as
regards Nigerians’ high dependence on the road transport system. Practically,
you can purchase trucks, delivery vans or any other transportation-specific
vehicles with which you can initiate your haulage business.
If you think you have the idea of rendering professional
services as a cook, you can set up an eatery with the help of your sufficient
capital. However, bear in mind that this business demands thorough
decision-making and managerial abilities just for it to thrive. With respect to
this, you’re strongly advised to consider the location of your eatery, its
nearness to your target audience and the choice of food that potentially drives
in customers.