Top 4 Websites for Free Download of Music

Top 4 Websites for Free Download of Music
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Verily, the internet houses thousands of websites which allow
free download of music files but it is quite important to analyze these
websites based on accessibility and terms of use. On a safe note, you would
prefer a website that enables you to extract its MP3 files without being held
guilty of any infringements. 

Meanwhile, some artistes make their musical works
available on specific websites on a free-of-charge basis while others demand
that you pay in order to download their songs.
In this post, we have thoroughly reviewed a number of
websites based on their free usage and surely, you can always vouch for any of
them when the need to enjoy and download free music arises.
PureVolume is a free-to-use platform where you can MP3 files
downloaded to your phone. The website provides a variety of songs arranged into
sections such as most popular songs, top downloads, newest albums, etc.
PureVolume is not only exciting because you extract its MP3 files on a free-of-charge
basis but also because you do not have to create any account before gaining
access to its MP3 contents.
Free Music Archive
Under the auspices of WFMU –a radio channel –Free Music
Archive offers free music downloads. Meanwhile, the music files you obtain from
this website are authorized for downloads and this means you wouldn’t be held guilty
of any illegal use or access.
Just like PureVolume, Free Music Archive enables you to
access its music files without creating any account. 
For ease of use, Free
Music has a feature through which you may explore various music genres or
examine the website for its featured albums, songs or artists. Also, the
moderators at Free Music Archive update the website with monthly, weekly and
regular music collections.
Amazon is an amazing website that offers a multitude of
music downloads. Thousands of users prefer this website for its orderly
arrangement of music based on reviews, dates of release, popularity, music
genre, etc.
Another interesting aspect of Amazon is that you’re allowed
to play any MP3 file before you decide to download and eventually save it to a
folder on your PC. Amazon is pretty easy to use and if you want to save a
particular music file to your PC, just select the Free button. To complete the download, you will be directed to a
URL when you click on the Place Your
button. And as easy as that, the free music is readily downloaded.
Soundclick is a great mention on this list and the most
exciting aspect of this website is that you can easily download free music
files via the original blog or online source. In many cases, the original
source of a particular song is usually the blog/website managed by the artiste
who owns the song. Since the artiste authorizes Soundclick to make his/her
songs available for public use, you’re always at liberty of extracting free
music downloads from Soundclick.
However, several artistes on Soundclick do not authorize
your access to their music unless you pay. On the other hand, a number of other
artistes only permit you to stream their music files.