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ABOUT Slater and Gordon Lawyers

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is one of the UK’s largest and well known law firms with offices in a number of locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Slater and Gordon’s mission is to provide people with easier access to world-class consumer legal services. The firm provides specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas.

With over 90 years’ experience, our reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by our partners & staff, and on the scope of their practical experience.

 Slater and Gordon Lawyers represent clients across a range of areas from personal injury claims to commercial and criminal litigation; from employment to defamation and reputation management; and from clinical negligence to family law.

We listen to our clients and use this insight and our legal experience to deliver the best possible results. We have an open, friendly and responsive approach ensuring that your needs are paramount. Our procedures, communication and response systems have been developed to ensure that we are able to offer our clients constructive advice & innovative solutions.

We realize you will not judge us on results alone. How we treat you and work with you is just as important. At Slater and Gordon Lawyers we place great importance on managing our client relationships. We believe that the provision of excellent service is fundamental to our continued future success.

Whenever we finish a case, we ask clients to give us their opinion of our service through an independent organisation. We pay careful attention to the results and take action to make immediate improvements if we are falling short of your expectations in any aspect of our service.

In late 2013 Slater and Gordon launched a set of revised values for our business to guide our staff members from across the United Kingdom and Australia; unifying all staff, no matter which office they work in or what roles they hold.

We decided to revise our values because we believe that in good organisations the business values guide everything that is done. We consulted with staff and we also looked at the values of the firms that have joined us in recent years.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM: As one of the best in the world. Slater and Gordon Lawyers is a well known law firms with a team of professionals. 

 Slater and Gordon Mission: To provide people with easier access to world-class consumer legal services
 Slater and Gordon  Values:
  • Do it Right
  • Work Well with Others
  • Take the Lead

Slater and Gordon Lawyers maintains professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Details of the insurers and the territorial coverage of the policy are available for inspection at our offices. Visit Slater and Gordon for more infor

Slater and Gordon Services: Slater and Gordon’s core objective remains positive and is targeted towards providing people with easier access to world-class consumer legal services.

With a wide range of specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas, the following are offered  without negetivities


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