4 Reasons Why Google Adsense Might Not Approve Your Blog

4 Reasons Why Google Adsense Might Not Approve Your Blog
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Without any skepticism, Google Adsense is one of the best
monetization programs on the web. For bloggers who are dying to monetize with
their blogging careers, Google Adsense has remained a favourite. Meanwhile,
this is the reason why numerous bloggers try every means to secure the approval
to use Google Adsense as a monetization system.
However, Google Adsense maintains strict policies and when
bloggers fail to comply with these policies, they might request approval a
hundred times without getting any approval in the long run. There are also few mistakes every blogger should always avoid, however, the reverse is the case.

 Therefore, this article is a
review of some reasons why Google Adsense might not approve your blog/website. On
a serious note, you’re advised to guide against any of these reasons so
that Google Adsense may approve your request.

Poor Blog/Website Design
Google Adsense is a strict monetization program that expects
you to design your blog in the best possible style. Across the web, many blogs
have failed to win any approval from Google Adsense just because their
contents, page layouts and several other features are not well designed.
On any grounds, Google Adsense is not ready to accept a blog
whose design doesn’t appeal to the sight. Moreover, poor designs will not
persuade visitors to visit certain blogs again and again.
Lack of Adequate Blog Content
Most importantly, Google Adsense expects you to have
published a significant amount of articles on your blog before your request for
any approval. Your blog content is as powerful as your desire to emerge
successful as a blogger. And before the administrators of Google Adsense can be
convinced that you’re passionate about blogging, you must have come up with a
sufficient amount of blog posts. If your blog posts are considered too short,
the editors at Google Adsense will not have sufficient content to review. To
guide against this, make sure your blog posts are considerable and lengthy.
Your Blog Content is Grammatically Poor
The importance of good english can never be undermined in terms
of Google Adsense approval. On many occasions, new bloggers are considered
ineligible for Google Adsense when they find it hard to edit their blog posts
and correct noticeable and absurd grammatical errors.
Google Adsense expects clearly-written posts with the
grammatical accuracy that can trigger audience to read on and on. If you want
quick approval for your blog, don’t refer it to Google Adsense until you have
beautified it with some content that conforms to grammatical accuracy.
Your Blog Lacks Privacy Policy
Google Adsense expects your blog to display some notable
pages which briefly explain the purpose of your blog. Examples of these are
pages. If your blog lacks these essential pages, the admins of Google Adsense
will see you as an amateurish blogger who doesn’t have the requirements to
monetize with blogging.