Few Tips to Make Google Adsense Approve Your Blog

Few Tips to Make Google Adsense Approve Your Blog
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Google Adsense is unarguably one of the best mediums through
which passionate bloggers can monetize their blogs. However, a lot of bloggers
encounter serious restrictions when they request Google Adsense to approve
their blogs.

On a serious note, the admins of Google Adsense realize your passion
about making money through blogging but again, they expect you to be straightforward
and business-minded in your approach. By reason of this, they set policies
which strongly restrict your approval unless you have attained certain
As a blogger, Google Adsense might not approve your request
to use its monetization system if you don’t meet its strict requirements or if
you don’t have any strong inclination to make blogging a successful outcome.

If you’re keen on getting approved by Google Adsense, you
must bear in mind that your passion towards blogging comes before the desire to
make money. If you however place such desire above your blogging passion, you
might not meet the standards Google Adsense requires of you. On a plain note,
making money as a blogger shouldn’t be your primary goal. And as a matter of fact,
the need to make money is of superficial importance and in many cases, your
strong passion towards blogging gives rise to money in future moments.
In this article, you will be shown the basic requirements
your blog should have in order to secure the approval to monetize with Google Adsense.
Make Sure Your Blog Contains Enough Posts
Buy turning to Google Adsense for approval, the monetization
program believes your blog has enough posts clearly written with a considerable
number of words. In this regard, you’re advised to load your blog with at least
20 good posts. Nevertheless, this will suggest to Google Adsense that you mean
business and wouldn’t like going against the rules of the monetization program.
Customize Your Blog in the Best Appealing Style
Google Adsense angers at blogs with grotesque appearances.
To avoid being ignored, you have to beautify your blog probably with an
attractive theme that will appeal to people’s taste regardless of the browsers
they use in opening your blog.

Use a Quality Domain Name
Here, you’re required to bear in mind that a quality domain
name is a proof to Google Adsense that you understand why you’re into
blogging. To broaden your chances of getting approval, get a custom domain for
your blog and make sure you’re subscribed to a high-end web hosting system.
On the other hand, using a free domain is only a letter to
Google Adsense that your blog is of no value and that you’ve chosen to handle
blogging with levity.