How to Activate Union Bank Mobile App

Union Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria. With its net asset estimated in excess of $6.8 billion, Union Bank is apparently the eighth richest bank in Nigeria. Significantly, Union Bank delivers banking services to its customers through its group of subsidiaries which are found across

Since Union Bank is one of the Nigerian banks which offer the best facilities for mobile banking, it is notable to reveal that this article clearly focuses on the essence of mobile banking. Nowadays, mobile banking constitutes the internet facilities designed to lessen the inconvenience customers encounter when they visit their various bank branches.

With the invention of its mobile app, Union Bank has proven the readiness to save its customers from banking stress and simply replace this with the ease they can enjoy just on their smartphones. With Union Mobile App, customers are certain to experience the pleasure guaranteed by smart and
efficient banking.
The benefits of Union Mobile App –as a smart banking facility –are never limited to the efficiency it guarantees. Above that, you’re open to other awesome benefits such as in-time bill payment, swift transfer of funds and airtime purchase.
Meanwhile, this article will show you the required steps for activating Union Mobile App. If you’re a new user who just downloaded the mobile app and is ready to activate it in time, I guess you shouldn’t hesitate following the easy steps below.
  • Go to the App Store on your smartphone and download the mobile app
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions implied to proceed with the activation
  • Input your account number (NOTE: You will receive an OTP on the phone number you linked with your Union Bank account)
  • After receiving the OTP, provide it as required
  • Now, you’re required to create a new PIN for carrying out transactions
  • After that, provide your desired username and create a confidential password
  • Click on the Submit button to complete the activation
  • With the above done, you can navigate back to the homepage and then provide your login details to start using the mobile app