How to Appear Offline to Specific Facebook Friends (Using Facebook Messenger)

How to Appear Offline to Specific Facebook Friends (Using Facebook Messenger)
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Facebook is a great medium for you to share thoughts with
others and inform them of your social presence. But on certain grounds, you
might have to prevent specific friends from realizing that you’re online
probably because you’re not ready to chat with them. This means you can appear
incognito to selected Facebook friends and when you do this, these friends will
neither know you’re online nor will you be able to receive their messages.
In this regard, Facebook has built its mobile app –Facebook
Messenger –with the required setup for you to activate this feature. Although
you can easily switch your Active status to Off via Facebook mobile, this
method is not very suitable because it prevents everyone from realizing that
you’re online. So, in order to appear offline to specific Facebook friends,
Facebook has specified a set-up that allows you to achieve your purpose.

Therefore, you’re encouraged to temporarily block certain
friends so that you will appear offline to them despite the fact that you’re
online. Notably, you can activate this feature whether on Facebook Messenger or
via Facebook desktop site. However in this post, you will be guided on how
to appear offline to certain friends using the Facebook mobile app.

Launch the Facebook Messenger App on your Android
In case you’re not logged in, sign into your
Facebook account by providing your account details
At the top right part of your Android phone’s
screen, you will find several tabs. From these tabs, select the People tab
–this is denoted with a row of three lines
The next on-screen page provides the names of
your Facebook friends. Then select the names of those you wish to block
temporarily (NOTE: By doing this, these friends won’t know you’re online)
After selecting the names, a new page will pop
up (this page contains your conversations with the selected friends. In case
you haven’t engaged in any conversation with these friends, the page will be

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When you select any friend’s name from the top
part of the conversation page, a drop-down menu shows up
From the menu, select Block
Having selected Block, an icon shows up thus
implying Block Messages
Ø  Shift the Block Messages icon to the right
hand side 
With that done, the selected friend won’t know
you’re online. But again, you won’t be able to receive any message he/she sends
to you
Meanwhile, you will repeat the steps above for
each friend you wish to hide your online status from