How to Appear Offline to Specific Facebook Friends (Using Facebook Desktop Site)

How to Appear Offline to Specific Facebook Friends (Using Facebook Desktop Site)
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On Facebook, you can choose to disguise your online status
from specific friends in case you wish to avoid them temporarily. By following
a few steps, this set-up becomes achievable whether you’re using Facebook 
its mobile app or browsing it from your desktop web.

However, you’re required to know that when you choose to
appear offline to certain Facebook friends via the desktop web, these friends
won’t know you’re still online but any messages they send you will get to your
chat box. On the other hand, when you hide your active status from specific
Facebook friends via Facebook Messenger, such friends won’t be able to send you

As to the focus of this post, you will be shown the easy
steps to follow in order to appear offline to certain Facebook friends via
Facebook desktop web. 
Steps Required to Temporarily Block Certain Facebook Friends
via Facebook Desktop Web
Open any browser on your Android phone
Go to the address bar and enter the URL (This directly
takes you to Facebook’s website)
If you aren’t logged in to Faccebook via the
browser, provide your Facebook details and sign in
At the bottom right hand side of your Facebook
window, you will find an icon just underneath the chat bar. Tap the icon and
wait for a drop-down menu to show up (NOTE: You first have to switch on your
entire chat in case it is currently switched off. To do this, navigate to your
chat menu and select the icon indicating Turn on Chat
After that, locate the Turn Off Chat link and
tap it. This link is very close to the centre of the drop-down menu
Having done that, the next page displays about
three links. From these links, select the one indicating Turn of chat for only
some contacts
(NOTE: This link is the third link on the screen and when you
click on it, you will be able to select the specific friends you wish to hide
yourself from. With this activated, these friends will think you’re offline
whereas you’re actually online)

To specify the friend you want to appear offline
to, enter the friend’s name in the provided input field
Tap the selected friend’s name as soon as it
shows up underneath the input field
To complete this set-up, tap the blue Okay icon
just at the base of the Facebook window
With that done, you will appear offline to the
chosen friends even as you’re still online. Unlike Facebook Messenger, this
set-up doesn’t prevent you from receiving notifications or messages from the
selected friends but the important thing is that you won’t appear in that
friends’ Active Now chats. And when they observe this, they won’t realize
that you’re still online but hidden from them.