How to Browse in Private Mode via Chrome Browser

How to Browse in Private Mode via Chrome Browser
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Private browsing is one of the amazing features some web browsers allow you to use. Most importantly, Chrome browser offers you the option to use its private mode while browsing and this is alternatively called incognito browsing.

Some internet users so much value their activities on the web and at times, they like to protect their privacy. In that case, Google Chrome understands every internet user’s choice as regards the need to browse incognito. As a matter of fact, you can switch to the incognito mode if you don’t want Chrome to take your internet activity into account.

Since the private browsing mode is designed to protect your privacy while using the internet, Chrome browser won’t attempt to store the details of your internet session. This means details concerning internet data, cookies and browsing history will not be stored by the browser. Despite how this protects your privacy, you wouldn’t lose any bookmarks created or any file you downloaded during the incognito browsing.

When you switch to the incognito mode, Chrome browser neither pries into your privacy nor checks your internet activity but all your activity on the internet will be open to
your service provider and any website you open. Briefly speaking, you can’t
prevent any website you open from checking your internet activity even when
you’re in the incognito mode.

Would you like to see what the incognito browsing looks like on Chrome browser? If yes, take note of the step-by-step procedure provided below:
  1.     Launch the Chrome browser on your computer system
  2.     Tap the More icon at the top right hand side
  3.     When the icon opens, choose the icon implying
  4. New Incognito Window After that, the incognito window pops up (This is usually a new window)

You will find an icon Incognito modefor the incognito mode just at the top corner Alternatively on your Chrome Os, Linux or
Windows, a window can be launched for the incognito/private browsing when you
press Crtl + Shift + n on your keyboard

NOTE: The window for the incognito/private browsing is very different from your usual Chrome windows and if you however wish to terminate the private browsing mode, you may drag your mouse pointer to the top of the incognito window and tap the Close
icon (the icon is denoted with an symbol).