How to Browse the Internet on PS4

How to Browse the Internet on PS4
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It is exciting to think about the various other things you
could do with your PS4 system. Besides its primary purpose –as a game –you
could browse the internet on your PS4 system and access several internet
features as though you were using a mobile phone or a computer system.
Likewise, your PS4 system does it better when you feel like
listening to cool music or streaming televised shows and movies. And as an
added option which we would like to discuss in this article, your PS4 serves as
a preferable alternative to surfing the internet in case your PC or mobile
phone is not at your disposal.

However, your PS4 system is only a fair alternative which
might not fulfill all your internet requirements if compared with a computer
system. In that case, your PS4 system allows you to surf the internet but
sadly, it comes with a drawback which means you can’t enjoy some high-quality
browsing features such as extension
and tab options.
Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your PS 4 system for
moderate browsing and right here, you will be shown a step-by-step method on
how to use the various browsing features built with the device.
Easy Steps to use PS4 Internet Browser
To use internet browser on your PS4, switch on
the device and wait for the PlayStation home
screen to pop up
Scroll to the series of big icons where you
launch applications, games and several other features
Navigate to the right hand side till the icon
specified for Internet Browser is
displayed (NOTE: This Internet Browser icon comes along with a Start icon and a www option
To launch the browser, locate the X button on
your pad –or PS4 controller –and press it
On your PS4 controller, tap the R2 button in order to launch a new
browser window
Tap the L2
button if you wish to navigate to a window you opened initially

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Tap the square
button in order to switch the Full
display mode on and off
You can use the R3 button to zoom in the current
page (NOTE: To activate the R3 button, press and hold the stick on the right
side of your PS4 controller)
To input a URL address, tap the R2 button on your controller –this lets
you launch a new window
When the new window is launched, scroll to the
URL bar at the top part of the web page (NOTE: This bar is denoted with Enter URL)
Then press the X button on your controller
When a keyboard pops up on the screen, you can
then input your preferred web address
After filling in the web address, tap the R2 button and this prompts the system
to load your desired web page