How to Buy Airtime via First Bank Nigeria Mobile App

How to Buy Airtime via First Bank Nigeria Mobile App
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With the introduction of mobile apps, First Bank Nigeria mobile app has widened
its customer based and elevated its banking stance as one of the best Nigerian

Besides being the longest-serving Nigerian bank (established in 1894),
First Bank is Nigeria’s second richest bank just behind GTBank.
Through its operative branches spread across the length and
breadth of Nigeria, First Bank has persisted in delivering in-time banking
services to a vast population of customers and this first bank Nigeria mobile app is one of them.

In factual point, First Bank spans its banking operations
across and beyond Nigeria thus, gathering a massive customer base for itself.
Through the provision of several banking facilities such as its mobile app,
First Bank has introduced great ease into present-day banking.

What does this

Customers can now ward off the stress of queuing at banks or
visiting ATM centres each time they need to carry out urgent banking purposes.
Therefore, airtime purchase, fund transfer, bill payment and several other
immediate banking tasks can be done without contacting any bank branch.

As you stick with this post, you will be shown the simple
steps through which you can purchase instant airtime via your First Bank mobile
app. But before the steps are highlighted, what are the requirements specified
for the use of First Bank mobile app?
Before you’re eligible to use First Bank  Nigeria mobile app, you
must have fulfilled the conditions below:
You must have an operative bank account at First
You must have a smartphone (on which you may
download the app from App Store)
You must have downloaded and installed the app
If you’ve already downloaded and installed the mobile app on
your smartphone, follow the step-by-step procedure below to buy airtime
Launch the app and log in with your account
details (In case you haven’t activated the app, follow this link to learn how to activate it)
When you finally log in, tap the Menu icon 
From the next options that pop up, click on Buy
Choose your preferred network provider for the
airtime purchase
Provide your phone number and the amount of
airtime you wish to purchase
To verify the airtime purchase, you will be
required to provide your 4-digit pin
Having done that, you will receive a message
confirming that your transaction was successful