How to Convert Airtel 4G Data to 3G Data

How to Convert Airtel 4G Data to 3G Data
Image Credit: Mytokri

4G is the most recent internet connection that many internet
users are dying to enjoy. With the advent 4G –also known as LTE –several
network operators have attempted to retain their customers by churning out
their own versions of 4G LTE. 

With the use of 4G LTE, internet addicts are safe to surf
the internet heavily and download HD files even without being bored by slow
browsing rates. Since 4G LTE paves the way for the swiftest internet speed,
many internet users are now bent on buying 4G-enabled smartphones. 

If you cherish your internet experience to so high a degree
and prefer browsing fast amidst poor internet coverage –probably in some areas
-4G LTE is the best internet connection you should opt for. With 4G LTE, you
can download large files in no time. Moreover, online gaming and efficient HD
video streaming is done in the easiest possible way.
As regards the main focus of this post, we’ve come up with
the easy steps you should follow in order to convert your Airtel 4G data into 3G data. But before we proceed, what happens when you switch your data mode
from 4G to 3G?
Since 4G is the fastest internet connection you can
experience, your browsing speed is reduced when you change from 4G data to 3G
data. Also noteworthy is that your smartphone must be a 4G-enabled device
before you can complete this set-up.
Steps Required to Change Airtel 4G Data to 3G Data
Explore the Settings
menu of your smartphone
Click on the Wireless and Networks option
On the next page, navigate downwards and select Mobile Network
Then, click on Dual SIM/SIM Settings
From the subsequent options, choose Network Mode
Having done that, the next page will show up
several options including GSM, WCDMA and LTE (Note: GSM stands
for 2G network while WCDMA and LTE stand for 3G and 4G networks
Switch the preferred network mode from LTE (4G) to WCDMA (3G) (NOTE: At times, 3G network mode may be denoted with UMTS or HSPA)